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  • Wed, May 5 2010 12:00 AM

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    Deko 1000 dead

    Just got hired to engineer state university TV facility.  They do not have very much money so any purchase they make must be spot on.  Customer complaint is the Deko will not come up, dead.  I found one power supply dead.  The second redundant supply shows really dim green LED lights in front of computer and the power supply LED is also dim.  Monitor gives message that it can not see computer.  Pressing the power button in the front of the computer after power is off creates a momentary chirp and the LED light up telling me the power supply is putting out something.  Avid recommends sending it in because the I/O will cost a LOT of money and paying $4,000 for a one time repair is worth it. I am fearful the customer can not afford the $4,000.  Question is this.  Dim LED signify a power supply problem?  If you know any more information about this problem you can share?  Thanks.

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    Re: Deko 1000 dead


    I know you can identify a failed power supply by the uit with no green light. It is safe to assume that the supply is on its way out if the light is dim.  Have you tried to disconnect and reconnect?  Not sure you shoud do this unless you are VERY comfortable with the system.

    I suggest it be sent in but thats your call.





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    Re: Deko 1000 dead


    Thank you for your response.  I removed both power supplies and inserted each one at a time into the computer, never did I put both units together to find out how each reacted when I turned them on.  One unit was completely dead, would not light up when the power supply switch was made and the front panel switch was pressed. The second unit, as stated in my first post only shows dim LED lights.  The Deko is behind the control room equipment racks and it is near pitch black back there.  You have to look close to see if the LEDs are on or not!  

    There is political drama surrounding this Deko.  They have not had any technical support since it was installed, just over 3 years ago.  Since the Deko started its life, it has received really bad reviews from faculty.  Here is the head dude's comments to me by e-mail: "... the Deko was prone to freezing up in the middle of a lab and having to be rebooted.  Power problem?  Hard drive problem?  Software problem?  I don't know, which is why I'm ready to chuck the whole thing and go with software that all the students already know - PowerPoint ..." and he goes on to ask me to spec out a Mac.  

    Here is the twist:  This Deko is the second piece of equipment they want to simplify because the students need to suceed in their productions!  The control room has broadcast level equipment.  I think I rescued the use of a Yamaha DM1000.  Faculty wanted to dump (dumb) it for a Mackie.  I really want to make this Deko work because the students need to recognize, use, and be proficient in this higher level of equipment.  I am having one hell of a time trying to twist the faculty around on this unit.  This whole drama started just a week ago.  My only shot at this is get this up and running quickly, cheaply, and keep it running through every future production.

    Aside comment:  When I first was shown the control room, where the Deko 1000 resides, the head dude, my new boss, powered up the room.  We heard a loud alarm.  He had never heard this before.  I helped him troubleshoot it and I found an "Alarm" red button on the back of the Deko and pressed it.  The noise ended.  With absolutely NO documentation on the unit, I guessed that the first power supply had died and the alarm was possibly to tell us it had failed.  Almost 2 months later, a week ago from today, the Deko went down, would not boot up.  My guess is the second power supply just might be in failure mode, not sure yet, with the dim green LED lights. 

    Thanks again for your help.  I think we both agree that my best shot is buying a new power supply and see what we have when it powers up.  I just want this one shot to save the patient or it will die.

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