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  • Sat, Feb 27 2010 8:13 PM

    • OETAShawn
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    capture aborted due to overrun

    Can many one explain the process of “video capture”?

    We are receiving the “Capture aborted due to video overrun” error popup.

    We have several edit bays using Nitris DX I/O boxes and one using a Nitris I/O box.

    Some of the edit bays using Nitris DX are running Newscutter 7.0 and some are running Media Composer 3.0.

    From my understanding this problem comes and goes in some of our edit bays.

    Sometimes they can only do a capture of a few seconds before it stops.

    Sometimes it will go longer.

    We have edit bays we can not even do a caption they can use.

    We have one Adrenaline running newscutter 7.0 which from what I am told has no problem capturing to ISIS.

    We are trying to play back baseband 1080i video and audio from our router or Sony XDCAM player and capture on our ISIS (DNX145).

    I know the video and audio has to be converted from baseband to DNX145 before it can be stored on ISIS.

    Where is the video and audio changed from baseband to DNX145?

    Is it changed in the Dnxchange? We do have one!

    Or is it changed in the Nitris DX I/O box?

    It looks to me like the buffer which is holding the baseband before it is converted to DNX145 is being “overrun” by the baseband video playing real time (router or Sony XDCAM player).

    That is what the error (capture aborted due to overrun) is telling me.

    I could be wrong on my thinking!  However, that is my thinking.

    AVID tech support has not been much help on this problem.

    Thanks, Shawn

  • Mon, Mar 1 2010 4:07 PM In reply to

    • Marianna
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    Re: capture aborted due to overrun

    HI Shawn,

    I have forwarded this to one of the lead support folks as there appears to be a case open with support on this topic.  Unsure as to why it is still open but I can read from your post that you need closure on this problem.  Geoff or one of the lead tech's is checking this and will report back to you directly to help you resolve.  If you dont hear by tomorrow, email me off forum.


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    • briMestone
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    Re: capture aborted due to overrun

    Hey OETAShawn,

    "Capture aborted due to video overrun" - That tells me that your storage pipe can't keep up with writing/passing the data to the drives.

    First, please identify your system. Storage? System? Connections?

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  • Mon, Mar 29 2010 6:07 PM In reply to

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    Re: capture aborted due to overrun

    Hi Shawn,

    Suppport will help you thorugh this. Since it's ISIS to which you are capturing, we need to look at your workflow to see where you might be hanging up. Let us know if you don't hear from support right away.

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  • Mon, Mar 29 2010 6:24 PM In reply to

    • OETAShawn
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    Re: capture aborted due to overrun

    AVID Tech Support has contacted me.  The Tech who I have been talking to thinks it may be an ISIS setup problem.  We have 9 edit bays.  Only one will do the capture without any problem. It is an Adrenaline runing Newscutter 7.0.  We have one Nitris running Symphony v.1.8.3 and the rest are Nitris DX I/O running Newscutter 7.0 or Media Composer 3.0.

    AVID tech support at this time is waiting on me to call back. We had our fund raiser which ended last week. So at that time, we did not want to do anything to ISIS.

    The AVID tech has a few things I am checking on. I than need to call him back.

    Thanks for any input!


  • Fri, Sep 3 2010 6:36 PM In reply to

    • OETAShawn
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    Re: capture aborted due to overrun

    Just to let everyone know, I have talked to AVID tech support.

    They have looked at our ISIS and found no problems.

    I emailed a lot of info to AVID on our editor that had the biggest problem.

    It was our "test editor" to find the problem. Before the problem was found, the computer had a dll file that was stopped by corruption and/or a viris. I had to do an HP_Recovery and reload everything.

    After the computer was reloaded, it will capture to ISIS just fine. It may take a hour or a hour and a half to stop capture with the overrun message.

    Not sure what the probelm was.

    We have some of our NEWS editors that will start a capture and at some point will stop/restart the capture process all by its self. Is there anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks for your help,

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