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  • Fri, Feb 5 2010 11:21 PM

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    Macbook Pro Setup and workflow questions...

    Hey guys, 

    I started editing on Avid back in 1998, then switched a few years later for various reasons to FCP. But 1,5 years ago I was taken back to Avid for feature films and basically edited only on Avid, rented systems.

    I will start 6 months editing on 2 huge projects with my material which I am going to rent to the production and just cannot imagine to go back editing on FCP, especially with loads of hours of rushes and FCP’s crap Media Management.


     I have to be quiet mobile so I tried to build a light setup:


    - 1 Macbook Pro 15”, late 2008 unibody with Express Card slot, 2.8 Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Ram

    - Mojo SDI with MC 4.0.5 on SL 10.6.2

    - Apple Cinema Display 23“

    - CalDigit VR HD 4 TB in Raid 0

    on a Sonnet Tempo SATA II Pro ExpressCard/34

    - 2 x 2TB Hard drives for backup


    A few questions:



    I know that especially on Windows PCs the Media Drive Partitions shall not be bigger than 250 GBs, especially because of a file limit in the OMFI Folders.

    I might still be working with Wave Files (OMF). So how about the partition sizes on a Mac? Actually I would really like to avoid partitioning my 4 TB Media Drive into 16 equal partitions. But not for the risk of a shaky system and some Bus errors…



    What exactly is the difference if I import the sound in MXF (PCM) instead of WAVE or AIFF-C? I will give an .OMF to the Sound editor with embedded media at the end, no sound conformation, so the sound should be in the best possible media and quality. It is partly shot with a Cantar, in 24 bit.



    For the moment one project (1 x 90’ + 1 x 52’)  resides on a FCP. Production delivers SD DV-PAL Quicktimes (film shot in HD on a Sony HDCAM 750), which lasts like 30 minutes per Quicktime to the editing suite, and they were then put into FCP. But no edit is done and I want to migrate the whole project to my MC4.

    Only tweak: They synced already some rushes. As I will not be able to see the state of the FCP project before the end of the month, for the moment my thoughts are:

    Import the QTs which did not have to be synced into Avid, should not be a big deal, codec DV 25 420 MXF. No reason for DV 50 MFX, or? (Besides that the files will be as twice as big, but I guess that I can answer the question when I know the exact bitrate of the DV-PAL QTs)

    Timecode information should be preserved for HD Video conformation later on.

    As for the synced rushes I should probably export them in a new DV-PAL and import that stuff then into Avid, right? Source TC information should be preserved, too, right?

    Final HD-Conformation is being done on FCP again in the end (the production company owns the facilities) which should not be a big deal, as I will be doing a basic editing without effects and be using Automatic Duck for sequence export /import.

    Any suggestions, thoughts?



    On the second project (5 x 45’) almost everything is shot with a Sony XDCAM EX3, 1080i50.

    I will not be using the AMA Tool because I will have way more than 100 hrs of rushes, so I want to do a classic Media management. AMA still seems a bit shaky from what I heard around me. So basically I would export the rushes with the XDCAM Clip Browser to MXF and import that stuff then into Avid. Codec will be 35 MBIT VBR XDCAM 1080i50 automatically right? Any reason that I want to import that stuff in DNxHD 120? I know the XDCAM Codec is a MPEG 2 long GOP. Might I encounter some problems because of this? Any experiences?



    Many thanks for your time and thoughts, experiences, help



    Macbook Pro unibody late 2008, 15" 2,8 Ghz, 4gb RAM, SL 10.6.6, AMC 5.5.1, Matrox MXO2 mini, Mojo SDI, CalDigit VR 4TB [view my complete system specs]
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    Re: Macbook Pro Setup and workflow questions...

    I suggest switching to MXF for all your media, you can always export WAV files if needed. This way you won't have to partition your drive.

    Use AMA to link to the XDCAM EX folders and consolidate/transcode the media out of the virtual EX cards. A consolidation will be fast and preserve all of the metadata that's recorded by the camera or added with the Clip Browser software. This will place the media in the Avid MediaFiles folder and use that robust database. Additionally the sequence can be relinked at a later date to the original virtual EX cards.

    I strongly advise against using the Clip Browser to rewrap the media. Most if not all of the metadata is lost and its often very difficult if not impossible to relink the media to the original clips. When XDCAM OP1a file is imported, it can't be transcoded on import, it will only be a rewrap. The resolution dialog is ignored. [view my complete system specs]

    -- Bob Russo Post-Production Workflow Manager - NFL Films

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    Re: Macbook Pro Setup and workflow questions...

    The 250 GB limitation stems from Avid keeping the media database updated. It's really a number of files thing rather than a file size thing. My projects are predominantly simple long form without many layers or effects . I've always used the largest drives available without issue (other than drive failure).

    Your Milage May Vary.



    System 1: Dell Precision 670 approved system (for Avid Studio Academic 2.8)currently undergoing rebuid. System 2: Mac Pro approved system MC 4.x). ... [view my complete system specs]
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