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  • Tue, Apr 28 2009 7:51 PM

    • mprocella
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    Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    We bought a Deko 1000 HD system back in September and it worked perfectly until about halfway through last month when it suddenly stopped seeing the genlock present.  Occasionally when the program opens, it will detect the genlock, but only for about 10-15 minutes and then we lose sync and it starts rolling again.  My question is whether this is a settings issue or if we have bad hardware.

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    Re: Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    Have you checked the condition of the connectors on the genlock cable on both ends? Is the cable noticably bent almost to a 90 degree angle coming out of the back of the connector?

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    • mprocella
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    Re: Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    I've checked the BNC connectors on the cable as well as the back of the Deko and the clock source, even made a new cable just to be sure.  All seem fine.

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    • DShulkin
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    Re: Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    This is a shot in the dark, but I had a similar problem with a converter a few months ago.  Is your black burst/sync source or distribution amp properly terminated?  i had a change in my system where we took out some equipment and the DA was not terminating properly and sending out a hot signal - which was causing genlock issues for us.  Took me forever to figure it out until I put the cable on a scope to see the levels.  Keep in mind all of my other equipment conencted to it didn't seem to mind, but that darn converter was very sensitive.

    Again, just a thought that something else in the system might be a cause.  By the way, is it a tri-level sync source? Good luck. 

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    • Baird
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    Re: Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    Just to let you know, we have seen a similar problem since we bought the Deko 2.5 years ago. But it only happens to us every couple of months. The Deko will be running fine, then just loose sync. Reboots won't fix it. It doesn't get better until you plug and unplug sync a few times from the back of the unit. Then it clears up. Sometimes it fails several times in a row before stabalizing for a few months.

    We have had at least 6 different cables on this connection and used three different ports on 3 different sync DAs. We have also looked at sync on a scope at the back of the deko an it is fine.

    The reason I am at work right now and posting this is that it happened to us three times this morning. The last time was on air during Soyuze launch coverage.

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    Re: Deko 1000 HD genlock problem

    Have any or all of you contacted Tech Support with these issues?  They may have you send log files to assist in determining what the problem is and then what the fix will be.  Intermittent problems can be difficult to troubleshoot, but if you don't report the problem to them there is no way to find the solution. 

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