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  • Sat, Apr 18 2009 5:46 PM

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    Moving Media

    Hey there,


    I wanted to move all media for this one project to a single external drive.  I have read everything I can get my hands on re this process.  Going to Media tool and choosing all media relatives.  I am wondering if anyone has any advice on doing this safely, any caviats? Don't want to screw this up, you know what I mean?


    Thank you,


  • Sat, Apr 18 2009 7:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Moving Media

    Hi Mike,

    Take a look at "consolidating" in the manual or online help.  That's what Avid calls it when you move media from one drive to another.  Also, there are third party programs for moving media, but I'm not certain if there are Mac versions or not.  You might try a forum search for "MDV" which is one of them.

    good luck,

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    Re: Moving Media

    This seems to work pretty well. We have been using it for several years to take media offline.


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    Re: Moving Media

    Also, be sure to observe the ground rules for moving media:

    1) The "Avid MediaFiles" folder (for MXF media) and the "OMFI MediaFiles" folder (for OMF media) MUST reside at the root level of the media drive, never inside any other folders or the system will not find the media.

    2) The folder names must always be the factory default names listed above (minus the quotes) or the system will not find the media.

    3) There can be only one of each folder type on any given media drive.

    If you experience media offline issues after the move, rebuild the media database files. To do this, quit the application. Then, from each numerical folder inside the MXF folder inside the Avid MediaFiles folder, delete the two files that identify by type as "MSM Media Database". If you have an OMFI MediaFiles folder, delete the same two files. On re-launch, the system will detect the missing files and build new ones at the "Initializing Media Streams Manager" stage. You will see the system go into a scanning and indexing mode at this point.

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    Re: Moving Media

    I have found the third part Media Mover application from Random Video to be a great tool in doing exactly what it sounds like you want to do. As long as you stay with current versions, it should be pretty seamless.

    Media Mover will also find both MXF and OMFI media without having to specify this. The app will then separate the projects you request from the online media in it's own folder so you can move it around, archive by project, etc.

    It's not free, but it's a relatively low price for a very valuable tool if you have to constantly move media around, organized by project, which I do in my facility. I use it to move media from system to system as well as archiving to NAS.

    Good luck !


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