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  • Wed, Jun 25 2008 3:56 AM


    I know I'm literally being the bore - the new person trying to get a handle on Avid - But I really feel that after a week with the application I understand almost all of it's core principles - I can work in it, and the only way I'll get faster is to cut a reel project in it and find the shortcuts.  WITH the exception of effects editing...I'm used to FCP where you just - well - add the effects - I cannot get my head around this step in/step out business and the order in which things are shown...which is why I'm asking if there are any good tutorials on this (the manual mostly donates the effects chapter to transitions - charming, but I get the idea after the first ten pages) - any good places to point me to grasp this would be appreciated.  And again, I do apologize for all the lame "newbie" postings.  

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    Re: Effects

    Here's an old thread that might offer some help ...

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    Re: Effects

    Thanks for the link - and I eventually discovered the extra PDF documents with the advanced effect editor training.  I've come around to the concept - which is bizarre - but long as I can make it suit my purpose...I just don't understand how this offers any functionality over most other NLEs way of doing things...?  I don't know, maybe it's something under the hood - maybe it makes me not have to render as much...oh well, now I know two ways of doing something - I guess I can't complain :)



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    Re: Effects


    I just don't understand how this offers any functionality over most other NLEs way of doing things...?  

    It doesn't, really, it's just a different way of doing things.

    maybe it's something under the hood

    I think it mostly comes from the age of the software.  After 20-something years of development, changing the effects architecture to make it more efficient would be a pretty big job.

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    Re: Effects

     Let me jump in here.

    Nesting is combining effects. There are different orders and different ways to do it.

    (1) The up and down arrow keys on the timeline tool allow you to step into an existing effect to add one underneath that is constrained by the one on top - for example nesting a color correction effect inside a PIP to color correct only the PIP content. You can continually step into effects down to I believe 24 layers within a single nest.

    (2) ALT + dragging - this superimposes one effect on top of another. You can continually ALT + drag and always be able to use the up and down arrows to step into this nest as well.

    (3) Using the collapse function - this allows you to build multi-layer compositions and reduce them all to a sub-master effect on a single layer. This is the way to get clean global transitions from a multi-layer comp to a single clip and vice versa. As always, you can step into and out of this nest as necessary.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Effects

    I have multi-layered keys collapsed into one track in order to apply a transition effect to them globally.  The added transition affects the base layer video beneath it.  How can I prevent this from happening?

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