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  • Wed, May 21 2008 2:27 AM

    OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    I am working on a show using Mac Adrenalines with MXF file format.  I am having a hell of a time getting an audio OMF exported for our audio mixer.  I needs it to be OMF 2.0, and have Consolidated & Embedded Media.  Everytime I try and do it the file size is too large and OSX won't let it export.  I've even tried it in acts (half hour show) and still certain acts finish at over 2 gig. Tried transcoding, tried a new workspace, tried deleting all effects (Dissolves, etc.), tried bypassing all effects.  Corruption?  Any ideas or work arounds?

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    Re: OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    OMF has a 2 gig limit but AAF does not. Can you export as AAF instead?

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    Re: OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    I work in a very similar situation, Mac Adrenaline HD using MXF and I export OMFs for our mixer.  In order for me to reliably do this on large shows, I will first make a duplicate sequence, put it into a new bin, delete all the video tracks from that new duplicate sequence, and begin to consolidate. In the consolidation tool, uncheck send vid and audio on same drive, uncheck skip media files already on the target drive, and I uncheck create new sequence. Select a drive for the video and select a different drive for the audio. Do the consolidation, and when it finishes, set the bin display to show rendered clips as well, just to confirm that everything is on that new audio drive, and only on that audio drive. Now unmount the drive that you told the video to go to. I know, there is no video, why should I do that? Just trust me on this. Now try your export to OMF2.0 embedded. The file size should be much smaller. 

    I'm not saying this is the only way, the best way, or even the right way, but it is how I have been doing it successfully for quite a while. The bit about unmounting of the video drive has always baffled me, it is as if the Avid is still trying to access the vid from your original sequence even after you have deleted the video tracks.

    Anyway, hope this helps...

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    Re: OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    If your mixer is using ProTools, you should be able to export an AAF for them as BLKDOG suggested.  We do it all the time without any issues.

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    Re: OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    I've had this problem a few times. I consolidate all the audio media and then I transcode the consolidated media before I make an embedded OMF. If that doesn't work then I suggest that you consolidate the tracks seperately as there's no way that half an hour of stereo audio can be over 2 gigs.  

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    Re: OMF Exporting for Audio Mix in an MXF environment...

    Oh believe me, there's DEFINITELY a way that a half hour show can be more than 2gb...  the show I'm on right now is consistently over 2gb per 1/2hr due to about 30 channels of audio recorded live and used in the edit (music show featuring lots of individual mics and a sound guy who had no idea what metadata was so we get to sync up the tapes and files...)  Be aware that Pro Tools does NOT support MXF audio, so you need to convert your audio to .omf if it was captured or imported as MXF

    Here's our method:

    strip video, delete video tracks (as above)

    make sure your project audio is set to the proper bit depth

    Trannscode sequence to one drive (or just consolidate if your audio is already .omf)

    (make sure consolidate all clips in a group edit is UNCHECKED)

    (Make sure skip media files already on the target drive is UNCHECKED)


    transcode to OMF--NOT MXF

    SET TO make new sequence

    set handles (ours are 150 frames)

    create a new folder on the target drive you're taking to the mix


    Export method Copy all media

    check use same folder as AAF file

    and if we have more than 24 tracks, we create 2 AAF's to be joined back at the mix.



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