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  • Wed, Mar 26 2008 9:20 PM

    • Mark Job
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    Hi Editors:

                       Thanks to excellent technical support from Avid, I was able to resolve the difficulties with the Avid DVD by Sonic application and Media Composer. I believe the solutions we were able to come up with should be posted as an essential sticky for proper use of this DVD authoring application with Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer. Before I begin, there are a few caveats we need to look at.

    * Caveat # 1: Make sure you are using the latest recommended graphics driver for use with AXP or Media Composer for your desktop PC. Not only does your editing application benefit from this, but so does Avid DVD (Immensely).

    * Caveat # 2: If you are using a Dell or HP certified Notebook PC with Media Composer, then make sure you are using the latest custom graphics driver available from your notebook manufacturer.

    * Caveat # 3: If you are using Avid Xpress Pro with an HP nw 8440 or 9440, then only two older versions of the manufacturerer's custom nVidia drivers will work properly with AXP and Avid DVd by Sonic - They are HP 86.33 and 86.56. If you use the newer drivers, then you lose Full Screen Playback Ability with AXP !

    * Caveat # 4: If you are using an HP nw 8440 or 9440 with Media Composer, then by all means, please use the latest and greatest HP custom notebook nVidia driver (156.55). You not only will not lose Full Screen Playback in MC, but watch your colors, gamma, and luminance accuracy increase by about 25% or more and the speed of your renders will increase due to the improved Open GL performance the latest graphics driver affords ! Stick out tongueYes

    * Caveat # 5: The readme for the Avid MetaSync publisher says on the last paragraph of the last page something interesting about your system's Java Runtime Version. The note reads as follows.........

    "If you plan to run MetaSync, you need to have Java v1.3 software installed. AvidMetaSync Manager and MetaSync Publisher do not work correctly with Java v1.4. You cannot simply uninstall a version of Java Runtime software from your computer. To remove the software requires a clean install of the Windows operating system."

    .......Allow me to add that I was unable to assertain if this java version was absolutely essential for the proper operation of exporting your MetaSync M1 track into Avid DVD. I should also point out that you do not necessarily need to do a clean install of your entire Win XP Pro OS and install old JRE 1.3.0. I used one of those funky uninstaller applications which not only will uninstall your current version of JRE, but it will dig out all of the residual registry keys, so you will be able to get old version JRE 1.3.0 into your system.

    ........Please be advised it may not be necessary to go through this operation and you may find your M1 track export to Avid DVD works fine with JRE 1.5.x or 1.6.x

    Now, here is the proceedure to create chapter marks, reference thumbnails, and export directly into Avid DVD by Sonic.


    1. Right click on your completed timeline and select "Create Meta Track."

    2. Go to one of your clip bins and right click inside it and select "Import Avid AEO's from the C:\Avid\Avid AEO folder. You will have two new clips in your bin. One clip is marked as "Chapter Mark" and the other is marked as "Chapter Button Reference."

    3. Double click on the Chapter Mark clip in your bin. (You should now see it load itself into your source monitor (See blank Source Monitor <<Black>>) You should see the words "Chapter Mark" in the upper left corner, above the source monitor.

    4. Hit "Mark Clip," from the "Mark Clip" button on the time line. Now your M1 track should turn purple or pink. Deselect your other Video or Audio tracks.

    5. In Media Composer, hit the "Splice IN" button bellow right corner of your Source Monitor. Once you do this, you should now see the words "Chapter Mark," along with either a light Blue or other solid color like on your V1 timeline fill in on the M1 track.

    6. Use the "Add Edit" button as you scroll along on your sequence time line to select the points you want chapters to appear at. You should see cut lines as you place each "add Edit" as you go along.

    7. Go to the bin where your Chapter Mark and your Chapter Button Reference clips are located and highlight the "Chapter Button Reference" clip. Now go back and scroll along your timeline inside each chapter you have just previously marked and when you have selected the frame you want to appear as the picture inside your future DVD chapter button, then hold down the "ALT" key and "Double Click" on the Chapter Button Reference clip in your bin. Now you should see a notification in your Record Window which says "Chapter Button Reference Frame." There will also be a small "White" marker button above this dialogue along with a "Small White Button" in the scroll line indicator at the bottom of your Record window. There should be a series of little white dots along this line if you have done things correctly.

    8. Right click on either your timeline sequence in your bin or on the Record window and select Send To> DVD> DVD Authoring. Now a secondary dialogue box will appear called,

    "Send to: DVD Authoring." Make sure the following options are checked:

    A) Auto Launch: "DVD Authoring" is selected from the drop down list.

    B) "Auto load exported files" must also be checked under it.

    C) "Export setting 1 and "Quicktime Reference DV Codec" is selected from that drop down list. * The options should be left at their "default" settings.

    D) Export MetaSync Track(s) should be checked and "XML" should be selected from this drop down list.

    9. Click OK and watch  audio and/or renders pop up boxes appear then see Java "Black box" come up for a moment and it will say "Library loaded," then disappear again quickly. Watch Avid DVD open and viola ! See your QT Ref movie auto load onto the Avid DVD timelime along with the chapter information you created on your Avid AXP or MC timeline.

    10. Once your Avid DVD application opens, then go to the top menu and select Window>Layout>Advanced # 2.

    11. Drag and drop a splash screen button template onto the Menu preview and see your menu template appear. Right click on the menu in the project window under "Menus," and select it as "First Play"

    12. Go to the center "View Menu" window and highlight an empty button and right click on an empty button payne. From the drop down list selec Link>Movie>Chapter Number you want and watch the exact thumbnail image you selected on your MC or AXP timeline appear in the button payne ! Yes

    13 Continue and author your DVD as normal !

    Some personal thoughts:

                                                    I want to thank tech support specialist Hayden Roland and Avid tech supervisor Tony Hamwey for helping me get this rather convoluted proceedure hashed out. As it is, it took two days to figure out and test. I have nothing but praise for Avid's tech support and assistance. Hayden is an experienced expert and not some guy putting you on hold for 15 minutes every 2 while he follows some flow chart ! Avid's people are darn qualified to troubleshoot their products ! Yes

                                                    I must say the online "Avid Studio Toolkit Tutorial," is completely erroneous, and does not reflect the actual proceedure required to successfully export the M1 XML information into the Avid DVD authoring application. The workflow of this operation is kind of "clunky" to say the least. It is also easy to miss a step, and doing so will result in the entire process failing.

                                                    I suggest the option to be able to create a "script" to more easily automate several of the steps and map the created script to a button on the timeline. There are just too many steps here. Once you learn how to do it, then it becomes second nature and you can become quite fast.

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    Great info Mark.

    Robert, would you consider making this a sticky?

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    NP... Done! Thanks for posting.

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    • Jbucaro
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     I belive this settings if for DV footage. What would be for HDV footage?

    By using the mentioned settings I get a long gop media can not be exported using Quicktime reference error.

    Thank you!

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    • Terrance
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    First, Transcode to DNXHD 145, then export as QTref.


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  • Thu, Apr 24 2008 5:18 PM In reply to

    • Jbucaro
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    Thank you I will try that.

    The quality of the DVD was looking pretty bad. I hope this will help

    Thank you again!

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