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  • Mon, Apr 9 2007 3:14 PM

    Lanshare EX and Real Time MCA effects


    Sorry if this is a basic question, I have searched the forums to try and get answers but I am still having problems with a new (to us) Lanshare system with MCA's (2.1.6).

    The system we have is Lanshare EX 3.5.3 2.88 TB, 20 ethernet client licence and 6 fibre with mirroring as well.  Our 3 MCA's are connected via on board GiG-E.  Each MCA has a seperate Firewire PCI card (all avid spec) where we plug the BOB into.  Each MCA has had the nVidia tweak applied (assuming all this is is to change the OpenGL: performance to single monitor only).   Ive looked at the slot configuration on the Avid document for the xw8000's but the strange thing is that I could see 7 spaces for cards at the back of our xw8000's - not 5 as per the avid doc.

    So the issue is that all seems well with our setup until you try to apply an effect like a 3dwarp from the blend effect tab and the playback stutters and when playback stops I result with a message that complains about a DM Port error.  I know that this error is most likely caused by a segment conflict in the PCI bus but I can't figure out where this lies.

    One last thing to point out is that one of the MCA's has an internal SCSI 4 way stripe to do the occasional full res job (this is how the system was supplied to us).

    Any helpful pointers would be appreciated.


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    Re: Lanshare EX and Real Time MCA effects

    Click here for proper xw8000 config.

    Basically, you should have a third party gigabit card (make sure it supports Jumbo Frames) on the PCI-X 133 slot. Adrenaline BOB should be connected to the on board.

    The on board firewire and on board ethernet adapter SHARES the same bus. If you are going to use the onboard ethernet, make sure you are using the Pyro 64 on PCI-X 133 slot.

    Don't go by external slots. Count the actual PCI slots on the motherboard.
    From top to bottom

    AGP (video card)
    PCI slot 1
    PCI slot 2
    PCI-X 133
    PCI-X 100
    PCI-X 100

    DMPort error usually means some kind of bus issue.

    BTW - what resolution are you working with?

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    Re: Lanshare EX and Real Time MCA effects

    I'm using 15:1s MXF and the problem still occurs - even if I use the 3D warp with no parameters changed from default.

    I'll start counting the PCI slots and get the PC out of the rack.


    My understanding from research says that you can have either the GiG-E or FW card on the PCI card and then use the opposite on board port - ie if i use on board Gig-E then I can use the FW card in the PCI slot - which is the way I have it.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Lanshare EX and Real Time MCA effects

    Port error has nothing with the amout of data you transport, only about timing. It is like a high way there You drive alone, but get red ligths. It is the red ligths which is the problem. Then You share Adrenaline with other devices, some times the other want to use the bus and You have to halt the data stream to Adrenaline and therefore, You lost one filed or frame.

    The difference between video and network data is that video need an uninterupt data stream, network data can compensate interupts with a broader bandwidth.

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    Re: Lanshare EX and Real Time MCA effects

    Assuming  you've reviewed the config specs and everything's compliant (i.e. which card goes in which slot etc)...

    I doubt all 3 DNA boxes are having hardware issues, but it's somewhat possible you have 3 questionable (too long, poor quality) Firewire cables...

    At the LanShareEX end of things, what are the Gig-E cables from your edit systems connected to?  (i.e. type/model of network switch)? You mention "new to us", did the system come with the original AVID-approved non-blocking Ethernet switch (ours was an Asante, a 3524 I believe). 

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