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  • Sat, Jul 20 2019 1:29 PM In reply to

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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    I am running 8.9.4 on MAC for major projects, and 2018.12.6 on my PC laptop for short, home based gigs. So pretty much exactly the versions today's best practice (and you) suggest :-)

    Regarding the technical side - I am not complaining about HW caused problems (they do occur, but relatively less often than in the past), in this field AVID made a major progress, as well as in overall SW stability of Media Composer.

    My problem lays in the TRENDS Media Composer is likely to take based on what they did in 2019.6 release + the announced future plans.

    I wouldn't compare MC and Computer Games. I am aware there is probably way more money in Game industry than in Media creation industry but if something fails in some game, it is not a big issue (neither your living nor your life depends on a comouter game... at least in most cases). Gaming culture is different, guys are eager to lay their hands on new releases asap and therefore much more willing to participate in beta testing etc. But for me, this is totally unacceptable for any software which is critical for my professional occupation. Regardless if it is the freshly released latest version or some well proven older version.

    After all, if AVID is keen to get some pre-release and beta testers, they can easily get in touch with volunteers willing to participate and get them some raw distro and collect their comments. But sending something like 2019.6  into public is very bad idea.

    Just my humble opinion...  :-)

    On AVID since ever.

  • Sun, Jul 21 2019 12:10 AM In reply to

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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    im not a huge fan yet either but I think a combination of bug fixes, updates to make it more intuitive, and getting used to it will make me a fan.  It's not THAT different once you get used to it.

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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    I wish you were right... :-)

    On AVID since ever.

  • Mon, Jul 22 2019 5:56 PM In reply to

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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    Honestly, when I first saw the news flash "re-imangined" I was expecting a total re-write of the interface (something like jumping from Avid 3 to Premiere 2018, a fresh "modern" look (not too loving Premiere GUI, but just an example). However the reality is not that much of a difference as most of the menus are just placed differently. Doesn't the Command Palette still has "Other" and "More" tabs? Which is kind of like a joke since the beginning... So not as "re-designed" as I expected/hoped. I'm sure once it becomes more stable and refined, I'll get used to it.

  • Mon, Jul 22 2019 9:10 PM In reply to

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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    IMHO, I think a lot of the work was put in to support Bin containers. Having to try and organize a bunch of bins in the original UI could be problematic. Even having as few as 9 bins open could so you could see 10-12 clips could cover an entire monitor. Imagine the scenario where you've got separate bins for each day's dailies, graded shots, effects clips, etc. Trying to keep everything organized becomes a pretty big task.

    I've now got my stuff for one project in a single bin container, organized by day. If I need to grade anything, it'll end up in a different bin container but with the same layout.

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    Dave S.

  • Tue, Jul 23 2019 3:47 AM In reply to

    • wmcole
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    Re: Not a great fan of the new Interface for 2019.6

    CAVEATS: since "retiring" I don't use MC every day, nor do I use any of the more esoteric functions.  My use with the new 2019.x interface is limited to mostly import, basic cutting and F/X, filters and even more limited export.

    I LIKE the new interface.  To me (having used MC since the first or second iteration on the PC platform with a breif hiatus in favor of discreeet edit*) it is:

    1. Easier to see (aging eyes and a 32" ASUS PA329Q monitor made the old interface text and pane boundaries hard to see and manipulate without lots of focused attention)
    2. Easier to use in that I seem to be able to find those functions I rarely use more easily than I could in the 2018 versions
    3. Slightly more intuitively organized.

    I don't agree that it looks / feels / functions "less professional" as, IMHO, it seems like I can be more productive - accomplish my editing goals in less time - which is what "professional" tools should be about FIRST AND FOREMOST with "looks" an item to be addressed when the former has been acheived to the point there is little more efficiency to squeeze out of the product.  And in that regard, MC has a long way to go (which many former edit* users will tell you).  

    MC's biggest challenge - again IMHO - is in becoming more context aware in drag-drop and mode operations with increased "hiding" of complex operational details to allow reaching a final product faster AND / OR allowing for more simple "what if" trials and tests along the way without creating a clutter of elements in bins.  As an example, in edit* changing the speed of a clip in the timeline was simply a right-click, select "motion effect" (or something like that) and enter a frame rate in the panel.  Play back the result.  If you were in insert or overwrite would determine if the the resulting speed change resulted in a ripple edit or overwite or a "same duration" (choice from motion effect panel I seem to recall) result.And mode switching was a quick hot-key affair, or you could change mode for a single edit with a modifier key (CTRL, I think) during the drag-drop / right-click.

    Another improvement would be allowing "in- / from- bin element previews" with in-out-point setting without having to load the clip into the source viewer.

    Allowing multiple bins to "open" at the same time in either separate "undocked" panes or as "tabs" in a single pane maintaing drag-drop copy / move operation for elements between bins.

    But, I think I can see in the 2019.06 interface the beginnings of a "re-think" of the interface in the direction of increased intuitiveness, ease of use, and more concise / obvious organization.  And that makes me happy. :^}



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