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  • Thu, Jun 27 2019 4:57 PM

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    Color issue in Avid Media Composer 8.4.2

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    I am currently experiencing a color issue within Avid Media Composer 8.4.2, if anyone would be able to help me I would be very grateful :)


    The problem that I am experiencing basically is a difference in color between the original video files (as viewed in QuickTime Player and other media players and editing software), the clips as shown in the Composer Window, and ultimately the final exported file.

    My aim would be to be able to view video in Avid in the same color space as it is shown before being imported and after, as an exported video file.


    The original clips are all QuickTime movie files that I have linked into Avid bins using AMA (the color profile of all the clips is HD (1-1-1), as shown in the Inspector). Some clips are in H.264 format, others in ProRes 422.


    I have sent an attachment below to what the frame of a clip looks like opened in QuickTime Player (first image), and how it looks like once linked into Avid, with the blacks very washed out (second image).


    I have tried accessing the “Source Settings” and changing the Source color space, adding numerous Color transformations, but nothing seems to match the colors in the original clip. I have also tried changing the Display Color Space in the Source Monitor and in the Viewer, but still nothing matches.

    The Color Space of the project is set to YCbCr 709. I have also tried creating a new project in RGB 709, AMA linking and importing the same clips (as DNxHD), but the problem still persists.


    Finally, when I export the clip, the only format that matches the original clips is H.264, but when exporting using different Compression Types (Animation, ProRes etc.), Avid exports files with completely different colors, that neither match the original QuickTime files, nor what is shown in the Composer Window.


    Is this a problem that can be fixed inside Media Composer, or is there a preferred format to convert files to before linking or importing them that I am not aware of? I have looked extensively but can't seem to find a solution. As said in the beginning, the biggest problem is not being able to see what will be the final result while editing in Avid.


    Thank you very much for your help,


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    Re: Color issue in Avid Media Composer 8.4.2

    I think what you are experiencing is the difference between video levels and data levels.

    video levels rec709, has the black levels lifted and the white level reduced, and expects the playback device to expand the the video levels to full range ( your media player like Vic or QT player should do this on a computer playback)

    data levels has black and the white level set and requires no such expansion.

    Avid is essentially a video levels device.

    Your composer playback monitors should be set to display rec 709 as full range so you see blacks correctly.

    The QuickTime player often struggles to interpret the file correctly and consequently display the luma rangecorrectly.

    Web players like Vimeo expect video levels and expand the luma range appropriately to full range.

    its really useful to import and export SMPTE colour bars to track the process of correctly displaying the file, especially to use the bars that have the sub- black block along the bottom of the test chart.  Note the sub black and lifted black bottom right, so when it’s played back on a computer screen the sub black should not be visible.

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