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  • Tue, Jan 22 2019 9:14 PM

    AAF export - all the tracks within a audio file

    Hello everyone,

    I struggle with one thing. Maybe you'll be able to help me. I try to export an AAF file from AMC but with all actual audio clips and their places in time along with the entire unused portion (and tracks) of the audio file.

    What happens now is: I export AAF file (all media consolidate) and I have the margin of x frames but what I'm missing is other (unused within the timeline) tracks of a audio file.

    For example: scene 1 has, within one audio file, 6 tracks (2x boom and 4x radio mics). In my video (on my timeline) I used only two of them but I want to export all of them for my sound designer. How can I do it?

    Thanks in advance!



  • Thu, Jan 24 2019 3:29 PM In reply to

    Re: AAF export - all the tracks within a audio file

    The AAF will only ever contain what you have in your timeline. There are two solutions.

    Most Audio mixing applications have the ability to allow the dubbing mixer to mount all the audio files used in the project and then link them to the clips in the timeline giving them access to the additional content. So you would send the AFF and all the audio rushes.

    Or you need to add additional audio trackts to your sequence, match frame each clip used and cut across the additional audio tracks. You can set the volume to mute s they don't play. Now you have a timeline with the extra tracks stacked below. send the whole thing to the dubbing mixer and indicate which tracks aren't part of the mix.

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    Re: AAF export - all the tracks within a audio file

    I don’t deal with AAFs to audio post much these days but when I do (and also for consolidating) this would be a #1 feature request.

    ‘Include all source tracks in consolidate/AAF even if not cut into sequence’

    Ideally refinable with a source/track selection interface that would be groupable - eg so you could include all double sound tracks or tracks A1-4, A7&16 from clips with a particular source colour, or a particular camroll/labroll or with ‘ xyz’ in a particular column.


    Field recorder workflow is great in ProTools but not always easy for us to hand over all the source media to audio post.

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    Re: AAF export - all the tracks within a audio file

    I'm having a bit of an odd issue. I'm exporting an AAF from Avid but when I import it into Premiere or Resolve, some of the track assigments are incorrect. What was a lav mic in my Avid sequence is now a camera mic in Premiere/Resolve.

    I'll point out that a lot of the edits were from multicam group clips. I tried committing the multicam edits but that didn't do the trick.

    Any ideas?

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