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  • Sun, Jan 20 2019 1:00 PM

    • Rita Gama
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    Mixdown before Resolve


    I am working on Minidv footage shot with the Panasonic DVX100 and captured as 1:1.

    I changed the speed of several clips in my timeline. Someone suggested that I do a mixdown of the aforementioned clips so that when I send them to resolve I wont have any problems and I will already have the clips with the modified speed imported in Resolve. 

    I was wondering if a mixdown of the clip with modified speed (obviously done at 1:1 as well) before sending the footage to resolve results in any quality loss compared to sending original footage to resolve and adjust the speed there.


    Thank you!

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  • Sun, Jan 20 2019 5:19 PM In reply to

    Re: Mixdown before Resolve

    The only real difference is how the speed change is implemented. The mixdown locks that speed change in.

    1:1 for DV footage is massively overkill. It won't hurt but your files are 5 or 6 times larger than they need to be.


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    • Rita Gama
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    Re: Mixdown before Resolve

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yes, I realize 1:1 for DV is rather exaggerated, I used it only because I had many issues with dv on my system, and 1:1 even with the absurd file size was causing less trouble than anything else...

    So, basically when doing a video mixdown there is no quality loss whatsoever? I still can't understand if there is some kind of compression involved or not...

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    • smrpix
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    Re: Mixdown before Resolve

    A one to one mixdown to the identical codec will not lose quality in any Avid native non-long-GOP codec.  However, any effect (such as a speed change or color correction) means you are modifying the clip and thereby forcing a re-encode.


    You may want to test a short sample and see whether changing the speed in Avid or Resolve gives you better results.

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    • jef
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    Re: Mixdown before Resolve

    The way I see it, you first need to do a complete round trip test of you workflow with the person using Resolve.

    You do this to make sure that the codec you send them works in Resolve and that the codec they send back to you works on your system.  This is extra important seeing as how old DV is and that there are some issues exporting DV from Avid to a codec that other systems like.

    1:1 from Avid SHOULD be ok in Resolve, but you need to know.

    I am guessing you intend to send the material as SD and get it back that way?  Double check everything.

    One think to keep track of is field order and frame size.

    We did one job with DV sources in Resolve and it took us a bit of time to get the sequence settings correct in Resolve so that it did not automatically resize the image.  DV in the US is 480 lines vertical and SD is 486.  This can lead to issues if not closely managed.  Depending on what your ultimate end use is this sizing issue can be a killer.  You really want to keep from scaling the 480 to 486.  And it is best if you can make sure the file going back to Avid is 480 as well.  This even more important if you ultimate goal is DVD which is a 480 vertical res format.  It is super easy to screw up and have multiple steps of scaling, each one softening the image till you have mush.


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