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  • Fri, Oct 5 2018 4:29 PM

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    4K Uprezzing Issues



     I’m a professional editor but have always been fairly novice when it comes to the technical aspects so I could use some help here. I received some 4K footage for a short film. The size of the files was unweildly to work with my set up, so after AMAing the footage in, I transcoded with the 1/4 size with the plan to eventually relink back to the AMA’s for the export for color. Now, the colorist is ready, but when I try to relink, AVID will not. To streamline the process, I transferred all the 4K footage to a different drive and only search that drive during the relink, but still, no dice. ‘Relink to AMAs’ is grayed out when I select the individual files so I can’t even reconnect it that way. I’m stumped. 

    Would love to get some advice. If I’m not providing enough technical info, please let me know.


    Thanks you!

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    Re: 4K Uprezzing Issues

    It sounds like you broke the original links when you moved the media. You can try and move the media back to the original drive (not sure if that will work or not). If it doesn't work, link to the 4K clips in a new bin, make sure that bin is open, select all of the clips, right-click on the sequence, choose Relink, and select the option to relink to all selected items in open bins. You may have to also specify All Availablee Drives.

    If you continue to have problems, one place to check is to make sure that the timecodes are the same for the 1/4 size clips and the 4K clips. This turned out to be a problem I had.

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    Dave S.

  • Mon, Oct 8 2018 4:08 PM In reply to

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    Re: 4K Uprezzing Issues

    The Open Bins trick worked once I unlinked the 1/4 sized clips and relinked. Thank you so much.

    Now, a follow up question that I’m embarrassed to ask: How do I actually export a 4K clip? It doesn’t seem like any of the export settings in avid allow for this. Or do I have to manually put in the right settings? I’m not sure what codec to use for such things. Once again, my Colorist is asking essentially for the highest resolution in order to do his thing.


    Thaks again for your help!

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    Re: 4K Uprezzing Issues


     I’m a professional editor but have always been fairly novice when it comes to the technical aspects


    So you are a true artist! ;)

    For future reference I suggest that you enter your system specs on your profile page. :)

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    Re: 4K Uprezzing Issues

    Several points:

    What is the project setting?  

    If it is an HD project you can only export up to HD I believe.  If exporting the clips directly you can set your project to 4k and that will allow you to export up to that resolution.


    What is your colorist using for grading?

    Ask them how they usually receive footage.  I have always used the process or relinking to the original camera files, exporting an AAF that links to the media.....there are about a million videos showing this workflow....find out what they are using and go from there.


    good luck...

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