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  • Fri, Aug 10 2018 4:42 PM

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    Help with input/output

    So I am working on a documentary about a musician, etc. with lots of interviews, performance, etc. I shot the film on a Panasonic GH3 in full HD, 1929X1080,30p 72mbps ALL-INTRA format. The original footage looks pretty good when viewed with Quicktime player or VLC.

    I need to upload low-res copies of some of the interviews to YouTube or Vimeo so people in other states can view and make suggestions. So the process goes something like: shoot the footage, using a Tascam recorder for double system sound, import the video clips into MC at DNxHD 45, import the audio clips, sync up the video and audio, make sub-clips of all the sync-ed up interview footage. Then I'd like to upload the interviews. Obviously, great quality isn;t necessary but I don't want to send out crap either.

    What I'm looking for, I guess, is a tutorial on how to create low-res copies for upload to YT, Vim, etc. that don't take forever to export and well as how to up res my footage when the project is totally edited, so I can output the best possible quality finished product. Seems like now I have to import, sync, export to H.264 or Mpeg 4, which takes over an hour for a forty minute clip, then squeeze the clip with Handbrake to get it down to something like a 1-2 gb clip that can upload to YouTube without turning into an overnight adventure. All the possible export formats seem to either take forever to render and upload or they look like crap.

    I have experimented with AVID codecs, Mpeg 4, H.264 and others, without much success. I noticed that the export choices include 1:1, Jpeg 2K, and a few others. I am totally confused. Can someone jump in and tell me how to accomplish this task? I don't know whether to transcode, delete the media and re-batch import, or what the hell to do! I just want to be able to show the footage to clients without wasting all my time exporting, converting and uploading. And, at the end, I need to be able to export a high-quallity (well, as high as possible) master for use in distribution, even to theatrical distribution. (Premiere will be in a big screen digital auditorium.)

    So quick and dirty copies for conference viewing, and a knock 'em dead master of the finished show for display on a big screen. Sorry if I overlooked an already produced tutorial, just too many things to try to look at. Thanks so much for all your help!

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    Re: Help with input/output

    I have the same need many times on a project, here is my process:

    LINK the camera files and IMPORT  the double system audio

    transcode the video to offline Rez Dnx 120 or 36 or prorez LT

    Autosync double system audio

    make rushes sequences 

    export as QuickTime REF  

    bring QuickTime ref clips into Elgato turbo H264 and encode 1280 x 720 Mpeg 4 at 2000 kps (uses quick sync on Intel i7 chip for SPEED) 

    share on google drive

    when uprez  is required, relink Video only sequence to original camera files and transcode to desired resolution ( just the clips in the sequence). Now ad the audio back, go to colour grade and audio mix.

    check out the avid YouTube clip on relinking

    iMac Retina27 late 2017 4.5Gz i7 40GB AMD 8GB with Sata Raid OS 10.13.4 MC 2018.3 BMD mini monitor with Eizo monitor [view my complete system specs]
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