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  • Thu, Jun 28 2018 5:40 PM

    Making subclips from a sequence within AMC

    Hey all-

    I'm on a production with a couple AP's that can only access Avid Media CENTRAL (don't get me started on what a bad name this is, considering it has the same Initials on Avid Media Composer Super Angry but I digress....) Smile

    Before I started on the production they were making SEQUENCES out of a bunch of interview footage that had been shot.  They did this for two weeks before I started. 

    I have nudged them into the (better) idea of making subclips rather than sequences.  But for a few of the shows now I have to go through their talking head quotes and subclip things myself. 

    The problem is this.  Inside AM COMPOSER, I have a sequence containing various clips from multiple cameras of interviews. 

    I loaded them into the SOURCE browser and created detailed SUBCLIPS out of them yesterday. 

    However today they are showing up differently.  Some do not have video attached to them, and rather than having the SUBCLIP icon, they now are showing up as sequences, even though the IN and OUT point is the same as yesterday. 


    So first question, I guess, is

    Can I make subclips out of another Sequence in Media Composer?  Or do I have to use the original material?

    and... if the answer to the above is "NO".  Can I copy clips from one sequence to another, or bring their source from the sequence timeline to the SOURCE window so I can make subclips.

    If you read the above and took the time to thoughtfully reply, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  YesBig Smile


  • Thu, Jun 28 2018 8:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Making subclips from a sequence within AMC



    I don´t know what possibly changed your subclips to sequences again, did you have a crash instead of saving gracefully?

    What do your sequences look like, perhaps you can autosync them to be subclips? Sometimes creating a subclip will create a sequence instead. If there are no edits in the sequences, go to the burger menu in your bin after selecting the sequences and hit autosync. (I like to copy the bin before doing that, though the bug that started me doing this has been fixed for a few years now).

    Strange you don´t have video in some of the clips, perhaps not all tracks were selected?

    To come back to your highlighted question, you can make subclips from sequences. No need to make subclips from Source window, it works from Record as well. Subclips cannot contain edits, so I suggest loading a sequence, go to the beginning, alt+t to mark the current piece without edits and create  a subclip with the shortcut of your choice. assuming you assigned the key 'a' to go-to-next-edit (this is not default, I´m afraid, you cant press alt+a to go to the next exit regardless of marked tracks. Repeat... This may generate subsequences instead of subclips, you may have to autosync them later, see above.

    Hope this helps!

    Cheers, Thomas

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    Re: Making subclips from a sequence within AMC

    Thanks Thomas-

    Yes, there was a fatal crash, though I can't remember how long into the subclip process it was.  Additionally, some of the subclips (becasue they were made from footage just strung together by Assistants), might have included some edits, I wonder if those are the ones that errored out. 

    I basically re-made all the work and created the revised clips, saved out and it came back ok.  it is still strange to me that it is making its own sequence out of these clips and not creating subclips, so I have to DRAG them to the source window, I'd prefer to just double click them and have them show up like footage.  But beggars can't be choosers.


    Good to know I can subclip from the Record window too, though... I imagine i'll have better luck from there.  Will try!



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    Re: Making subclips from a sequence within AMC

    One thing.

    A sub clip of a sequence - even if just one part of a single clip - will be a SubSequence.  The icon will show a sequence Icon.

    If you really want true subclips, you could Mark In and Out in the sequence, and then Match Frame.  Now your source window will have the underlying source clips with the Mark IN and Outs you placed in the sequence.  Subclip from the source window.


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  • Thu, Jun 28 2018 10:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Making subclips from a sequence within AMC


    Use autosync on sequences to turn them into subclips. Works only if there are no edits. Then they will load into Source with doubleclick.

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