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  • Thu, Mar 8 2018 6:16 PM

    Telegram! - How to Display ALL* Sequences in a Project with FIND Tool

    Sometimes you need to FIND a Sequence, but you cannot remember the exact Name or where you put it... plus you have tons of bins where it might be. Our wonderful FIND tool, is capable of locating EVERY Sequence inside every Bin in a Project, but the tool seems to require a Name, or partial Name, in its text input window.


    This is a way I've found to get the FIND tool to display all of my 16x9 Sequences, which are then sortable by Name, Creation Date, Bin Name, Duration, etc. in the results window.  I didn't realize it could do all that-- like a MediaTool for Sequences.


    With any sequence loaded in Composer, open the FIND tool;

    Click on the Clips and Sequences Tab;

    Change the Filter dropdown from "Any Column" to "AFD";

    in the Search dropdown, use "Bins in Project".

    In the Find text field, type: 16x9

    Press the Find button on the upper right.

    *If ALL your Project's Sequences were 16x9, I believe you will see EVERY Sequence of that type and therefore all your available sequences.

    yippee!... AFD or Active Frame Data is described on pg 24 here:


    Looks like the "AFD" concept started at MC version 6.5. Check your Sequences Bin "AFD" Column Setting to ensure those 3 letters are seen, otherwise this workaround... won’t work.

    This is the only way I could see get Find to display ALL my Sequences - my test delivered 524 results, with no stray masterclips among them as the “AFD” column seems to only apply to Sequences.

    --- If there is a better, easier way to do this, I'm all ears.

    Hopefully, further development will make this kind of FIND request available with a big fat dedicated button... or wildcard.

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