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  • Sat, Apr 8 2017 6:35 PM

    Relinking from externally transcoded proxy media to camera original files

    Hi all,

    I'm having a hard time figuring out the best approach to this /online offline workflow....

    - I have camera original footage
    - I have externally transcoded DNxHR LB files transcoded from Davinci Resolve sourced from those camera orginal files

    - I've imported the DNxHR files and have been editing with them.

    My question is, how do I relink that DNxHR proxy media back to the camera original footage for online use.  I know that if I had transcoded the media in Avid, and did a Consolidate and Transcode with AMA linked media, I would be able to relink with ease, but I'm curious, with externally transcoded proxies, how do I reliably link those proxies, back to the camera raw files.

    I've tried, linking the RAW camera files to a seperate bin, and then selecting the proxy media and right clicking "relink" but it and then choosing the "Select items from all Bins" option, but it gives me an error, saying no media was relinked.

    Is it not possible to relink externally transcoded media to it's original raw file, within Avid?

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  • Wed, Apr 12 2017 8:02 PM In reply to

    Re: Relinking from externally transcoded proxy media to camera original files

    I've done this a thousand times for a decade.  Yes, you select the clips in the bin (in this case, the hi-rez linked camera originals and ONLY THOSE), then right-click your sequence and go to Relink.  Like you stated, you then use the "Selected items in ALL open bins" option, but it's the next section that matters the most.  It's usually a trial-by-error affair, and it depends on how things are named and where they come from, but you need to experiment with the "Source Name" pull-down.  Leave "Timecode" to Start.  Depending on where the files have come from (and how you linked to them), start by using the default Soure Name as "Tape Name or Source File ID."  Check the box "Ignore extension" and uncheck "Match case when comparing source names."  I usually deselect Audio and Data in the "Tracks to relink" panel, and uncheck "Create new sequence" knowing that I already duplicated my edit and am working on a copy.

    If that fails to link, try it again, but change "Source Name" to "Tape Name or Source File Name."  If that fails, try changing it to just "Name."  BTW, the last method is usually my goto and works most of the time.  You need to also pay attention to how similar the actual file names are between your proxies and your camera originals.  This is where the "Ignore characters after last occurrence:" comes into play.  I frequently filter things out by enter, for example, _V in that field when I have DaVinci renders that have been "suffixed" to accomodate duplicate file names after a color correct.  

    If THAT fails, you can try the same steps, but using the check box to the right that says "Target (if different than Original)" but that's more useful for clips that have been abridged.

    If THAT fails, you have other issues going on (like mismatched TC or completely incompatible file names).

    Ultimately, it ABSOLUTELY works, but it just takes some experimentation and practice.


    Good luck,



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