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  • Mon, Jan 9 2017 5:03 PM

    Odyssey Q7 footage will not link in source browser, QT files have negative values

    This one is puzzling me, so I hope that someone out there has encountered this and knows a workaround for it.  I'm running Media Composer 8.6 on PC in Windows 10.  I have lots of RAM and a sufficient graphics card.  I've had great success with this PC/MC combo for 3 years.

    I'm working with footage provided by a subcontractor of my client, who shot everything with a Sony FS700 and Odyssey Q7 recorder. The files are 2K and 4K ProRes 422 MOV.  Some of the files import with no problems at all.  But others that are obviously shot on a different date/shoot won't.  No matter what I try, they will not link via the source browser in Media Composer.  These same files will open in QuickTime player and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 2015.3 (what I'll be forced to cut with if I can't get a solution to this).  Screen captures of what I'm getting are below.

    When I try to link one of these files, I get a crash warning and an Avid dialogue stating MOV "cannot be linked.  Do you wish to import it?"  It will import via the traditional import dialogue, but it's a really clumsy way to work with these huge files and takes up extra drive space.  Upon further inspection, the files that are problematic seem to have NEGATIVE VALUES for the datarate under QuickTime's inspector.  (see attached pic)

    Anyone else get an error like this with QuickTime files before? Any known workaround?  Like I said, either I'm going to have to import LOTS O' BIG FILES or be banished to Premiere Pro land.


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    Re: Odyssey Q7 footage will not link in source browser, QT files have negative values

    Have you reached out the the Convergent Design people?  They could help.  Is it possible this was a RAW recording by accident?  That combo of camera / recorder is capable of such.



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    Re: Odyssey Q7 footage will not link in source browser, QT files have negative values

    It´s also better to do some codec tests for yourself and post the results here than to post pictures of errors, Mediainfo should give you all the needed codec info, and html view should give you the correct text formatting to copy and paste inside a post, just remember to uncheck the bloatware when installing , sometimes they hope to earn some extra money.


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