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  • Tue, Sep 27 2016 9:02 PM

    • Natisyahu
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    Adjust Image Duration?


    I have 600 images to Link in Media Composer, and I can't figure out if there is a way to increase/decrease the time duration these run for. 

    The default seems to be 30 seconds.

    I know how to adjust the duration when Importing, but as I don't want to import them - is there a way to do this with Linking (AMA) images?

    Thank you!


  • Wed, Sep 28 2016 9:22 AM In reply to

    • Joachim Claus
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    With linking the default is 30 s. However, it does not change the size on disk, even if it could be set to 1 s, as linking only stores a link to your image.

    The problem comes with transcode, as the transcode command would build video-files of 30s length. To avoid this, use your images in the timeline in linked mode, and make a transcode of your finalized timeline. Images (and clips) are then transcoded to the length in the timeline plus handles at the beginning and the end (to be set at the top of the transcode window).


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    Joachim Claus

  • Wed, Sep 28 2016 9:51 AM In reply to

    • mjolnarn
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    Link them all to a bin.

    Go to script mode

    Press Ctrl-a to select all.

    Press G to clear all marks ( just to be sure )

    Press T to select in to out

    Press Q to go to in

    Press the button 2 to step 10 frames for each step, if you press it 3 times you have a leeway of 30 frames.

    Press I to select the inpoint

    Continue to press 2 to step forward , if you want the clips to be 200 frames in length you press 2 10 times.

    Now press O to select the outpoint

    All images are now of the same length , shortened and with leeways created

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  • Thu, Sep 29 2016 4:33 PM In reply to

    • Sylvain P
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    Nice tip Tomas!


    Didn't knew about using the step 10 frames in the Script Bin View. It's really useful for large photomontages.

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  • Thu, Sep 29 2016 6:10 PM In reply to

    • mjolnarn
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    Hi Sylvain , glad you liked it , an old tip that I use myself rather frequently for fast turnarounds , remember that Liquid option " master clip with handles "

    Works well even on ama linked camera clips, Q for go to mark in and 3 taps on 2, press I , then W and 3 taps on 1, press O , gives you masterclips with 30 handles, as all of them already are selected just to mouse drag to the sequense

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  • Wed, Oct 17 2018 1:53 PM In reply to

    • Miguel
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    Hi there!

    It's a really nice tip. However, ir doesn't actually answer the question. For instance, I want to link an image to last for 6 minutes, without having to replicate it across the sequence (in this case, 12 times). How do I do it?

    Thank you all in advance.

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  • Wed, Oct 17 2018 2:32 PM In reply to

    • DStone
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    You can use either the motion editor on the clip or the timewarp effect in the sequence. The easiest thing to do is to change the duration of the clip from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. If you do this with the motion adapter on the clip and then drop it in the timeline, it will be 6 minutes long. If you promote the adapter to the timewarp effect for clips in the timeline, changing the duration will not extend the clip in the sequence. You must also drag the handles of the clip out to 6 minutes. You should also change the speed graph to 0%. This is a freeze frame (which you might get anyway it being a static image). This is all documented in the manual in the section on Using the Motion Effect Editor. You can also find online tutorials. It's easier to learn by watching a video tutorial then reading the book.

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  • Thu, Sep 5 2019 11:54 PM In reply to

    • BenQ
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    Re: Adjust Image Duration?

    hi mjolnarn

    thank you for this advice. just awesome.

    i had to edit round 5k stills in 6k resolution with 3 frames duration. ahhh!

    so i am very thankful for this.

    i've mapped a "step one frame forward" on a different key and it works fine.

    for finetuning. the cursor keys won't do it.

    well. saved a lot of hours on cutting frames.

    I am editing for 20 years on avid and i never knew how powerful scriptmode is.


    best from berlin




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