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  • Thu, Sep 8 2016 9:10 AM

    • elenab
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    iNews WS fails to connect to iNews server in a redudancy setup


    Our application is using iNews WS (v. to query the iNews server in a redundancy setup. When main application is connected, the backup application is idle, so at the begining we have only one session active (one Tomcat session and one API-session for WebService in iNews server).

    In our lab, works fine this setup, but one of our customers encountered a problem.

    When they close the main application, the iNews Web service on the backup server connects automatically to iNews server, and thus they end up with 2 sessions active in Tomcat and probably 1 API-session in iNews server (we call  _systemService.Disconnect(new DisconnectType()) to disconnect WS when the application is closed). Tomcat is set to expire idle sessions after 1 min, so one of the sessions in Tomcat is invalidated after 1 min has passed since the main application was closed. So there is no problem with this.

    Now, if they start the main application again, the iNews WebService fails to connect to iNews server with the following error: "Not currently connected to iNEWS. Call connect before attempting to setCurrentQueue".

    When main is started again, the iNews WS probably tries to open a second session. My guess would have been that there are no more API-sessions available in iNews server for WebService to connect to, but from what I know the default licence for Avid iNews Web Service is for 5 concurrent API­ sessions, right?

    How to check the number configured for the API-sessions on the iNews server?  In an older post, I got the following command to type at the iNews server console: "/exc/list type=api c", but I get the following when I try this on our iNews server in the lab (not at customer):


    a900:904     gnews             A

    And I can't see from this what is the number configured for API-sessions allowed.

    Can you help us with this problem?

    Than you!



  • Thu, Sep 15 2016 7:44 AM In reply to

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    Re: iNews WS fails to connect to iNews server in a redudancy setup


    No answers for my question above? Basically what I'm asking is how to check in iNews how many API-sessions are configured for webservice to connect to?


  • Thu, Sep 15 2016 10:50 AM In reply to

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    Re: iNews WS fails to connect to iNews server in a redudancy setup


    command to verify number of sessions that's available from license is "status l"

    for example:

    INEWS6-A# status l

    A is ONLINE and has been CONFIGURED.  ID is INEWS6.

    System is A.  Master is A.

    Disk status is OK.  The database is OPEN.


    Site Key..............:  xxxx

    CPUs..................:  2

    Workstation addresses.:  site

    Workstation resources.:  xxx

    COM resources.........:  xx

    Web Access resources..:  xx

    Web Client resources..:  xx

    Web API resources.....:  10

    Wire Server resources.:  xx

    Instinct resources....:  xx

    Mobile devices allowed:  xx

    CTC instances allowed.:  xx

    Community Sessions....:  allowed.

    command to verify number of current sessions is "list s" for example: INEWS6-A# list s G2094 avstar                A G2096 normal                A Olena
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