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  • Wed, Jun 29 2016 1:55 PM

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    Plugin #0: Failed to get enumeration interface

    Hi To all

    I'm developing my custom plugin and testing it with Media Composer 8.5.3.  I start from the HWSDK_Generic

    plugin supplied in the SDK and changed the subsequent GUID :

    Module ID : MID_HWSDK_Generic (renamed in MID_HWSDK_blt)

    Vendor ID : ACFVendorID_HWSDK_Generic (renamed in ACFVendorID_HWSDK_blt)

    Class ID  :  CLSID_HWSDK_Generic_MainComponent  (renamed in CLSID_HWSDK_blt_MainComponent)

    implementation ID : ACFCompID_HWSDK_Generic_Component (renamed in ACFCompID_HWSDK_blt_Component)


    (By the way : I found that the MID_HWSDK_Generic and ACFVendorID_HWSDK_Generic are defined twice

    with two different GUID once in file HSDK_Generic.h and in HSDK_Generic_Plugin.cpp). 

    Other changes I made are:

    sPluginVendor, sPluginName and sPluginDescription according to my company name

    In this case I receive the error in subject, mainly in the ACFStartup method:

    ACFAPI ACFStartup (IACFUnknown * pUnkHost)

        if (!pUnkHost)
            return ACF_E_INVALIDARG;

        ACFRESULT result = ACF_OK;

        ACFPtr<IACFSingletonManager> pSingletonManager;

       OutputDebugStringA("ACF Startup called");

        result = pUnkHost->QueryInterface( IID_PPV_ARG(IACFSingletonManager, pSingletonManager.outArg()) );
        if ( ACFSUCCEEDED(result) )

           OutputDebugStringA("ACF Startup : singletonManager ok");

            // Create the singleton component now without a class factory.
            ACFPtr<IACFUnknown> pSingletonWithoutFactory;
            acfcheck( HWSDK_Generic_MainComponent::ACFCreate(pUnkHost, NULL, IID_PPV_ARG(IACFUnknown, pSingletonWithoutFactory.outArg())) );

           OutputDebugStringA("ACF Startup : ACFCreate ok, adding singleton");

            acfcheck( pSingletonManager->AddSingleton(ACFCompID_HWSDK_Generic_Component, CLSID_HWSDK_Generic_MainComponent, pSingletonWithoutFactory) );

          OutputDebugStringA("ACF Startup : addsingleton ok");



    I insert the OutputDebugString in order to detect where method fails. I See the sequence of messages:

    ACF Startup called

    ACF Startup : singletonManager ok

    ACF Startup : ACFCreate ok, adding singleton


    but I didn't see the last message (ACF Startup : addsingleton ok) and the result is in Failed to get enumeration

    interface. The log file reports:

    Open I/O discovered 2 plug-ins and will enumerate them for HWInstances:
      Plugin #0 ( Name: HWSDK_BLT, Version: 2.0 )
    VDMerr [80040111] @ ..\..\src\HWSDK.cpp | Line# 350 :: Error Code: 80040111  Msg: Error Code: result  Msg: "  Plugin #0: Failed to get enumeration interface."

    Please can you help in solving ?

    (I'm using VS2015 community on Windows 10 64 bit)









  • Wed, Aug 3 2016 5:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Plugin #0: Failed to get enumeration interface


    Sorry for the late reply but I hadn't seen your message until now.  Have you gotten past this hurdle?




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