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  • Mon, Feb 8 2016 9:17 AM

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    EuControl Artist Mix with El-Capitan issues.

    Hi there


    I recently updated to El-Capitan and own an Aritst Mix. Seeing as the Mix had stopped being recognised by EuControl I re-followed the instructions below:

    1) Go to Network settings. Launch System Preferences (Apple Menu > System Preferences...) and press the Network icon.
    2) Unlock the pane to enable changes (lower left corner of panel - it will ask for your password)
    - if you wish for this to be the permanent default location, then skip to step 7
    3) Under the Location drop down menu, choose "Edit Locations..."
    4) Choose "Automatic"
    5) Click the button with a gear icon and choose "Duplicate Location". Name it "Artist Direct Connect" and click Done.
    6) Under the Location drop down menu, choose "Artist Direct Connect"
    7) Choose "Ethernet" in the list on the left. (If there are multiple Ethernet ports, use Ethernet port #1. This is the default port used for EuCon. The default port setting can be changed in System Preferences > Euphonix)
    8) In the Configure drop down menu, choose "Manually"
    9) In the IP Address field, enter: (example) (**use
    10) In the subnet mask field, enter:
    11) Press the Apply button

    ** Make the static IP address on the 1st Artist mix, any more artist mixes use etc

    12) Go to: System Preferences > Euphonix (v2.5.7 and earlier) or System Preferences > EUCON (v2.6 and later)
    13) Press Stop. Wait a few seconds, then press Start again. This will relaunch all EuCon processes with the new settings.


    Now when I turn open EuControl I get the spinning wheel of doom and EuControl crashes. I have the latest drivers 3.3.2. with El-Capitan support but no dice.


    My artist mix static IP is and subnet mask is as stated in the instructions.


    Anyone got any ideas as to why EuControl is a) crashing and or b) not recognising my Artist Mix.


    p.s. I made sure to uninstall the previous EuControl before installing the new drivers.



  • Mon, Feb 8 2016 2:56 PM In reply to

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    Re: EuControl Artist Mix with El-Capitan issues.

    HI there.....

    Can you email me directly this post thread so I have your email and Atrist Mix serial #.  I will create a case for you and get a tech iwho handles that product to reach out.


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  • Wed, Feb 17 2016 8:37 PM In reply to

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    Re: EuControl Artist Mix with El-Capitan issues.

    I would like to follow this thread as I have a very similar issue.

    I have the same configuration. Eucontrol launches, the Artist Mix goes dark, and the little menubar icon spins forever. I cannot open Eucontrol app preferences or use the restart option. I do have the correct interface selected in the Eucon section of OS X System Preferences.

    I have tried exiting everything exit-able, and killing any unnecessary process, but no change. I have restarted with nothing in my login profile and nothing in my StartUpItems folder.

    I have deleted the app and reinstalled, and I have deleted the app preferences. Same thing always; starts, hangs.

    I created a separate user account with nothing in it, and it works fine, but this account has pretty much nothing in it except Logic & Protools. I can sort of work this way but it requires reinstalling and/or re-authorizing many(!) plugins.

    So I am not sure how to eliminate whatever my regular user profile has in it that is causing a conflict, other than recreating it an app and configuration at a time, which I frankly don't have the time to do.

    The answer could be facilitated by some input from a developer of Eucontrol, who may have some insight. While I realize the complex interactions in any computer-based studio environment, having no debugging options (other than "it hangs") or even an idea of what the software is doing under the hood leads to frustration.

    Just to be complete, here is the bonjour info:

    Thanks very much!

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