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  • Sat, Jan 30 2016 8:03 PM In reply to

    • Verne Mattson
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    I had the same issue with Looks and removed it.  I just upgraded to MC 8.5 with Symphony Option and El Capitan 10.11.3.  I was on MB Looks 2.5.3.


    Also it appears BL Editions is incompatible with El Capitan too.  I removed the AVX plug-in in the course of troubleshooting and I can't reinstall it as it throws an installation error.


    Verne Mattson



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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    Thanks Kevin.

    Anyone else having this issue that is able to devide and conquer based on ur suggestion to remove the plug in folder and then plut the plugs back in 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 until the culprit is found.....

    Please let us know what plug in it turns out to be and what EXACT version of MC and OS you have.


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    • Marianna
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!


    Having the same issue, hanging at Initialize AVX2 Host for >15 minutes.

    Did you try the suggest provided screencast and if so which plug in was the culprit?


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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    BL Support got back to me almost immediately, and they have a version that is El Capitan compatible -  4.4.725 for Avid now supports 10.11. I'm downloading it now  


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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    I was able to test an install of MB Looks v3.1.3 in MC v8.5 running on OS X v10.10.5, and MC launched fine.

    I'll be upgrading this machine to OS X v10.11.3 soon and will report back if there are any issues.

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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    Upgraded the machine to OS X v10.11.3, and MC v8.5 is hanging at "Initialize AVX2 Host" when MB Looks v3.1.3 is installed.

    Removed the file /Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/Looks_x64.avx and MC opens fine, so the issue seems to be specific to MC v8.5 w/ MB Looks v2 or v3 on El Capitan v10.11.3.

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    • Jim Allan
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    My version of Magic Bullet Looks is v2.5.1



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    • Ingo F
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    Thanks for not only making a cool new version of Avid Media Composer, but qualifing it on the latest version of 10.11.  This will save me a lot of time and keep me from constantly stating up on different drives.

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    • oze
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    What's the consenus regarding the OS upgrade? Go for a fresh install of El Capitan or is an "upgrade" OK . . ?

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    • Mike
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    I'm having an issue exporting some sequences in MC 8.5. They are 50 minute sequences but always in the past have exported in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Now even after an hour, there is no time estimate and the progress bar has only moved about a centimeter. 

    Any thoughts?


    I even tried creating a new project and opening the bin there from the other project but still export does the same. My G Drive flashes for the first 10 seconds as if it is exporting and then the light stops flashing but the export bar stays up.


    Any help is appreciated. 


    Also did update to El Capitan.

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    • Svenbox
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    Same here. (iMac 5k)


    Dan Bedford:

    Upgraded the machine to OS X v10.11.3, and MC v8.5 is hanging at "Initialize AVX2 Host" when MB Looks v3.1.3 is installed.

    Removed the file /Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/Looks_x64.avx and MC opens fine, so the issue seems to be specific to MC v8.5 w/ MB Looks v2 or v3 on El Capitan v10.11.3.


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    • benholden
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    With every release Avid roll out (pataches or new version) they list towards the bottom of the ReadMe "limitations." Some times I find these can be good to check, as is checking "bug fixes."

    Hope this may help some who are experiencing some issues, or I may have caused more of an head ache for others!

    The following limitations apply to the current version of the editing application.


    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2. BlackMagic files greater than HD will not link inside Media Composer using the Avid QuickTime Plug-in unless the Black Magic Design Desktop Video Software is installed. Access for information on the Black Magic Design Desktop Video Software.

    ➤ Bug Number: . Since a given file type may be supported by multiple AMA plug-ins, for best results choose a specific AMA plug-in rather than Autodetect when performing an AMA Link to File. When performing an AMA Link to a volume, Autodetect will normally select the correct plug-in, but if it doesn't, choose a specific AMA plug-in and perform the AMA Link to volume again.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00182286. When performing an AMA link to MXF media, you should not select the Autodetect plug-in option. Choose the applicable plug-in to perform the AMA Link to File.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00179996. If you load an AMA-linked clip into a monitor, then enable Dynamic Relink and set the Preferred media format in the Dynamic Relink Settings dialog box to “Any native media,” the media displays as offline. This is as designed. If there is no native MXF or OMF media to display, the AMA-linked clips only display when you select AMA as the preferred media format.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00178140, UDevC00180089. If you are AMA linking BlackMagic Cinema Camera DNxHD movies, these files link as Matte Key effects rather than master clips. Therefore these files cannot be transcoded. To workaround this, open Import Settings, and in the Image tab set Alpha Channel to Ignore.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00180039. Media Indexer limitation: When you check in an AMA file, the system does not create .spaaf files if the workspace for .spaaf files is not mounted correctly on the ISIS client. Before you begin to check the AMA files into Interplay, you must manually create the top level folder for the .spaaf files and configure the Media Indexer to index that folder. Avid recommends that you dedicate a specific workspace for the spaaf files. The spaaf workspace on ISIS must be mounted and accessible by the editing user on the editing machine. On a Mac OS X system, the workspace must be mounted using the same name as the workspace. The checkin will fail if this condition is not met.

    The following shows mount point examples for a workspace named “spaafFiles”:

    • Correct: /Volumes/spaafFiles

    • Incorrect: /Volumes/spaafFiles1

    The incorrect mount point can occur if you have duplicate workspace names. The ISIS client adds a digit to a workspace name if it encounters a duplicate name. This can happen if you have two ISIS systems. Avoid duplicate workspace names.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00178051. Do not enable Audio Waveforms if you are AMA linking to Arri clips.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00178650. XDCAM AMA linked files might not appear in the Media Tool. XDCAM AMA linked volumes do appear in the Media Tool.

    Application Manager:

    ➤ Bug Number: AMPT-1727. The APPS and Feeds tab remain empty after you license via a Floating License.

    ➤ Bug Number: AMPT-1808. Daily notification of a support contract expiration starting 7 days prior to expiration is not currently working.

    ➤ Bug Number: AMPT-1030. When deactivating the editing application and performing an upgrade, the System ID is not automatically pre-populated in Application Manager. For information on locating your system ID, see the Installation Guide.

    ➤ Bug Number: AMPT-1731. The trial period for New Blue Titler 2 does not display in Application Manager.

    ➤ Bug Number: AMPT-1719. Updating New Blue Title 1 in Application Manager should be allowed without an active subscription.

    Avid Artist Colour:

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00157064. Some soft keys do not light up when you use the Avid Artist Color with your Avid editing application, including the following:

    • HSL Shift Layer: all soft keys

    • HSL Bank 2 Shift Layer: all soft keys

    • Curves: F8 and F9 soft keys

    • Curves Shift: F1, F3, F6, and F9 soft keys

    • Secondary: F2, F7, F8, and F9 soft keys

    • Secondary Shift: all soft keys

    The soft keys listed above function normally even when they do not light up

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00156948. (The F2 soft key (Next HSL Subtab) does not function until after you apply a color correction to your footage. If you press F2 (Next HSL Subtab) on the Artist Color surface before you apply a color correction, you get a system beep and the subtab does not change.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00157932. If you use the HSL shift control for trackballs, you might see the trackballs controlling the wrong monitor during shuttle. For example, if you press Shift and then use the right trackball to shuttle, and then move either the left or the center trackball, you might see the other trackballs now control the right monitor.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164772. When you first ope n the Color Correction tool, either with the Artist Color or with the mouse, incorrect color correction values might display in parameter fields. This problem is intermittent, and it does not occur after you change a parameter value. Workaround: Adjust any parameter. The correct values display in the Color Correction tool.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164954. (Macintosh only): The EuControl application does not open when you select Edit Settings in the Controller Settings dialog box. To configure your EUCON device, you must open the EuControl application by clicking the EUCON icon in the dock, and then selecting Window > EuControl Settings.

    Avid Artist DNxIO:

    ➤ Bug Number: BMD-67. If you see stuttering at the stop of playback, go to the Artist DNxIO control panel, select Video Output and enable Remove Field Jitter On Pause.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-3702. Some Open IO cards do not support all RGB formats and RGB 10-bit stutters during playback. You can switch back to YUV colors space, or if you need to edit in RGB, disable the hardware temporarily.

    ➤ Bug Number: BMD-6. When you perform a down convert in an RGB project, the down converted outputs will be YUV.

    ➤ Bug Number: BMD-50. Unless video input is also connected, no audio is recorded when trying to perform audio punch-in or any audio only capture. Workaround: If you do not have a video source connected, you can perform audio only capture or punch-in if you loop video OUT to IN on the Artist DNxIO.

    Background Render:

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00186139 . We do not support AMA linked QuickTime media with alpha in Background Render.

    Background Transcode:

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00178938. The Background Queue window might stop refreshing intermittently. Select Open Background Queue window from the task bar (Windows) or menu bar (Macintosh) to view the background status in a browser.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00180218. If you perform an ‘alldrives’ Console command and mount a network drive, a background transcode will not be successful to the mounted network drive. A foreground transcode will transcode successfully.


    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-3641. (Mac) Capturing Apple Pro Res in UHD 50/59.94 results in a video overrun error.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00181736. If you are on a Windows 8 system, you might notice a slight stutter while recording (or in Capture Mode) but the video will record without any skips or dropped frames.


    ➤ Bug Number: . IMPORTANT: In Media Composer v8.5.x, if you use the Z Rotation parameter to rotate your media and then bring that media to a bin on a system running an earlier version of Media Composer, the Z-rotation parameter will no longer be applied when you bring that bin back to Media Composer v8.5.x.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-975. Mojo hardware does not support projects with RGB. You will receive the message “Current hardware is not compatible with this project’s settings and is being switched to inactive.”

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2425. If you have a bin with AMA linked QuickTime in Media Composer v8.3 and you open the bin in Media Composer v7.0.4.1, the editing application crashes. The bin opens successfully in Media Composer v8.2. A future v7.0.4. release will support opening an 8.3 bin with AMA linked QuickTime.

    ➤ Bug Number: . Software viewers and fullscreen playback is limited to 8 bits.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-1093. When working with some HDMI monitors and higher than HD media, switching focus from the editing application, to the desktop and then back to the editing application might result in a delay before the image displays on the client monitor.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2365. When using a trial version of the Sapphire plug-in, the editing application will crash. You can apply a Sapphire effect with a non-trial version of the plug-in.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-348. (Mac) With some versions of the Mac OS, if you open the Title Tool, select Help and type any text to the Search field and then select, Show All Help Topics, the Title Tool will crash. To open the Help from within the Title Tool, select Help and choose Contents. The Media Composer Help will open to the “Creating Titles” topic.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-206. (Mac) In some instances, when Matrox drivers are installed on your system, you might receive a beachball when using the Color Picker. If this occurs, type the following in the Console Window: useCrossPlatformColorPicker 1

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-4555. When transcoding clips that have embedded LUTs such as LogC ARRI AMIRA clips and Panasonic P2 clips with V-LUT and you decide not to apply the color transformations during the transcode, the color metadata will be carried forward in the new clip but the LUT won't be embedded in the new clip. This will result in improper colors when looking at the transcoded clip since the required LUT won't be “baked in”.

    Workaround: Use the original AMA clip or transcode with “apply color transformations” enabled in the Consolidate/Transcode window.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00166431. You might receive AMPI Subsystem errors when launching the editing application. Avid recommends that you refer to the following Knowledge Base article for information on possible causes.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00185899. (Macintosh) You can not open the editing application Help in Google Chrome. Use a browser such as Safari or Mozilla to open the help.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00151588. You must have the MediaNetwork client installed on your system in order to play linked AMA clips from the MediaNetwork shared storage.

    ➤ Bug Number: . The Standalone Transfer Manager will be supported with this release, except for compatibility with Airspeed Classic and Open I/O devices.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00173830. When attaching and detaching the Nitris DX hardware the system might restart.

    Dynamic Media Folder (DMF):

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00180779. If you select the QuickTime folder plug-in from the DMF drop down menu and attempt to link to QuickTime files inside the DMF watch folder, an error message will occur stating the files cannot be linked and the DMF process will terminate.  

    Workaround: Select the Autodetect AMA Plug-in from the DMF drop-down menu to link to QuickTime files and/or folders.

    ➤ Bug Number: . If you are using a removable drive or reader as a DMF watch folder, make sure that “Automatically AMA-link to volumes” is deselected in the AMA Settings.

    ➤ Bug Number: . The following media types are not currently supported with Dynamic Media Folders in Media Composer:

    • Uncompressed 8bit and 10b QuickTime files

    • QuickTime files that include an alpha channel • Sony XDCAM-EX

    Dynamic Relink:

    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-522. Dynamic Relink picks the wrong video when there is overlapping timecode.

    Workaround: Media management in Avid workflows requires that all clips associated with a physical source id (e.g. Tape ID) must have non-overlapping timecode ranges. If you have clips with overlapping timecode ranges for the same physical source id, you can modify the tape id to be unique in Media Composer and transcode or consolidate to new clips.


    ➤ Bug Number: . You cannot import a Matte that does not match the project frame rate.

    ➤ Bug Number: . sSource settings are not available for matte keys.

    ➤ Bug Number: . AVX 1 effects are no longer supported and will not be recognized in this latest version of Media Composer. Please contact the respective 3rd-party plug-in vendor for an AVX2 64-bit version of any existing plug-in that you might have purchased. The following Avid AVX1 effects will automatically be promoted to AVX2:

    • Avid Pan & Zoom

    • Region Stabilize

    • RGB Keyer

    When you load a previously-generated sequence containing one of these effects, they will automatically be promoted to new corresponding AVX2 effects. These effects will not be recognized by earlier versions of Media Composer.

    ➤ Modifying Pan Values in the Timeline: You can display different pan values in the Timeline for different audio tracks by clicking the Clip Gain/Pan button in the Track Control panel and selecting one of the pan value options. However, if you want to manipulate pan control points (either adding a keyframe or adjusting a keyframe), you must make sure all audio tracks display the same pan values. To do this, Alt+click the Clip Gain/Pan button in the Track Control panel for any audio track and select a pan value option.

    High Resolution:

    ➤ Bug Number: .In a greater than HD project, if you have selected Proxy Timeline in the Format tab and are in YCbCr Color Space, the only resolution available for media creation is DNxHR LB.

    ➤ Bug Number: .If your project is set to RGB Color Space, Proxy Timeline is not available. You can however, transcode to proxy dimensions. In RGB Color Space, only DNxHR 444 is available for media creation.

    ➤ Bug Number: .In an HD project, if you want to transcode the source media to DNxHR and keep the original size (for example, to create 2K DNxHR), you need to temporarily change the project raster (to anything larger than HD) so that the DNxHR codec is available in the transcode menu. Once completed, switch back the project to HD.

    ➤ Bug Number: .For larger than HD projects, “Same as Source” export is not available.

    ➤ Bug Number: .Pro Tools does not yet support higher than HD sequences. You must do an HD mixdown of your tracks before sending the sequence to Pro Tools.

    ➤ Bug Number: .DNxHR is not available as a QuickTime option.


    ➤ Bug Number: .Important: Interplay does not currently allow check-in of higher-than-HD sequences and DNxHR media. You can still link to higher-than-HD media and edit within an HD frame size. Any transcoding and rendering must also be done in an HD proxy size.

    For the final delivery in a Cinematic or UltraHD format size, you can open the sequence on a Media Composer editing station, that is not connected to Interplay, and change the sequence format to an UHD or DCI frame size. You can then link to the original camera sources for the final finishing, rendering and output. These sequences and rendered media cannot be checked in to Interplay but can be saved to a shared ISIS workspace for access by other systems.

    ➤ Bug Number: . (Interplay) Dynamic relink is not currently supported for media that requires pulldown. Therefore, you can only use it with clips where the media has been acquired at the native frame rate (without pulldown).

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164931. (Avid Interplay and Windows 7) Can't locate Media Indexer on Avid editor after first install. After an initial installation of the editor and Interplay support software, the editing application may fail to locate the Media Indexer. This can happen if some of the Avid Service Framework services have not started correctly.

    Workaround: Open the Workgroup Properties tool on the editor and check whether any of the services are not running. Restart any services as required. Then restart the Avid editing application again. You may have to do this the first few times that you start the editor. After a few times the services will begin starting automatically, even after a reboot.

    iXML Metadata in BWAV Files:

    ➤ Bug Number: . Multi-channel track identification information is not read from iXML

    ➤ Bug Number: . Markers in the iXMl are not imported when the file is linked.

    ➤ Bug Number: . Implied channel group information by file name pattern, as used by the audio import code, is not available when using the WaveAIFF AMA.

    ➤ Bug Number: . Channel group information, the iXML data that is used to group multiple mono files into a single clip, is not interpreted. To workaround this, reconstruct the channel groups manually with AutoSync.

    To reconstruct the multi-channel track identifications, set in the AMA setting link options for Multichannel audio prior to linking, or edit afterward with multi-channel audio pane of clip menu “modify” dialog.


    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-4675. EDL’s do not currently support 64 tracks of audio.

    ➤ You cannot control down/cross conversion from the Video Output Tool when in TrueP mode for 1080p projects or when you are in Stereoscopic mode. Workaround: When in stereoscopic mode or have True Progressive output set for 1080p projects, the down-convert and cross-convert options are not available. To output at a rate different than the project format, go to the Format tab and change the output project setting.


    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00179008. Foreground performance of the application could be impacted while waveforms cache for systems attached to XDCAM EX device.


    Bug Number: MCDEV-3005. The internal structure of Apple ProRes requires a width that is a multiple of 16 pixels. For cases where the media (or project dimensions) does not fit this requirement, extra processing is required to respect this multiple. This can cause a performance degradation noticeable during playback and processing. The common instances are when working at project dimensions 1998 x 1080 (2K DCI Flat) and 3996 x 2160 (4K DCI Flat).

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2046. You might see dropped frames playing back DNxHR HQX media with hardware output downconvert, in Full Quality 10-bit mode. Workaround: Playback DNxHR HQX in Full Quality (green/green) 8-bit mode.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-1976. You might see dropped frames working in 4K high frame rate projects and Multicam. We will improve the performance in a future release.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00153838. You might receive an “Exception: The sequence or one of its source elements is too long to be played” error if you have a sequence over 12 hours.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2210, MCDEV-2299, MCDEV-2298. When working in higher than HD projects, playing back AMA linked media in full quality mode (green/green) might not playback smoothly.

    Workaround: Set the playback quality mode to Draft Quality mode (yellow/green) or Best Performance mode (yellow/yellow).

    Project Sync:

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00179779. If you use Interplay Assist to create shotlists, you can save the shotlists in a folder within a synced project folder in your Interplay database. However, updating the synced project from the editing application does not update the bin with the shotlist. This is as designed. The Interplay synced project workflow uses projects created and edited in your Avid editing application and then saved to Interplay so other editing application users can access the same project.

    Workaround: Create your shotlists in the editing application and then update your project. The shotlist appears in the synced project folder in Interplay as well as in the bin in your editing project.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC0017968. If you create a new synced project, delete it before opening the project on your Avid editing machine, and then add the project from Interplay and open it, the project is empty and contains no bins. This results from creating a synced project, which creates the necessary synced project folder in your Interplay database, but not creating any content for the project.

    Workaround: If you open a project that has no content, you can create a new bin. The new bin is saved to Interplay, which then creates the folder structure for the media in your synced project.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00179847. Opening a bin from another project while you work in a synced project does not add that bin to the project saved to Interplay, and updating a synced project from Interplay does not update a bin opened from a different project. Only bins that are part of an Interplay synced project are saved to Interplay.

    Workaround: If you want to add media from another project to your Interplay synced project, create a new bin and add the media directly to it. When the bin is saved to Interplay, your synced project updates correctly.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00180164. You cannot update a sequence from Interplay in a synced project by right-clicking the Source or Record monitor and selecting Update from Interplay.

    Workaround: To update a sequence in a synced project, click the bin with your sequence to activate it, and then select File > Save Bin, or select the bin, and then select Bin > Update Bin from Interplay. For more information on saving sequences to Interplay, see “Updating a Synced Project” in the Help for your Avid editing application.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00180195. If two or more editors are working on the same Interplay synced project, deleting folders and bins by one user might create conflicts and cause the second user’s editing application to become unstable. This can happen when one editor moves a folder that contains a bin to the Trash and then saves the project. This updates the project on Interplay. If a second editor working on the same synced project at the same time has the bin open, updates his project from Interplay, the now-deleted bin stays open in the local project even though the Trash folder shows the bin has been deleted. If the second editor then makes a change to this bin and tries to save it, the editor receives an error stating that the bin has been deleted from Interplay. This error message might appear several times. If the second editor dismisses the error messages and tries to close the bin, an assertion error appears and the application becomes unresponsive.

    Workaround: Avid recommends that you do not delete folders from your Interplay synced project if other users are working on the same project simultaneously.


    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00159820. QuickTime Reference movies are not supported by QuickTime Player X. They are still supported in QuickTime Player 7 on the Macintosh. They are also not supported in QuickTime version 7.6.9 on Windows.

    Stereoscopic 3D:

    ➤ A software developer's kit is now available for 3rd-party partners who would like to build AMA plug-ins, AVX2 effects, or develop applications that support stereoscopic 3D media/sequences compatible with Avid Media Composer. This developer's kit is available on the Avid website.

    ➤ 720p Stereoscopic projects are not currently supported with Open I/O hardware from 3rd-party vendors.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164741. If a rolling title is used in an Over\Under stereo project, you may get the wrong scaling and cropping of lines.

    ➤ Stereoscopic projects are not supported on Avid Interplay.

    ➤ NVIDIA 3D Vision

    • Avid currently only supports the NVIDIA 3D Vision Home bundle (which includes the 3D glasses, emitter hub and display monitor). The 3D Vision Pro has not been successfully tested.

    • Full screen playback on an NVIDIA 3D Vision monitor is only supported on a Windows system.

    • Due to an NVIDIA driver issue, the first time that the full screen play window appears, the application will resize to a single monitor. Resize the application as necessary. You can reset your window positions by clicking on a toolset in the menu.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00161499. Ancillary data output is not supported if you are working in full stereoscopic format.


    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-2421. If you edit a clip into the Timeline with classic markers, then perform an Undo and a Redo, the system might crash.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164751. If you have a sequence loaded in the Timeline, and you have waveforms on, clicking or dragging in the Timeline does not stop the waveform from drawing.

    Workaround: Hold Cmd + . to stop the waveform from drawing.


    ➤ Bug Number: . Titles created with NewBlue are not currently real-time.

    ➤ Bug Number: . Dropping a NewBlue (or any filter) between an IN-OUT does not respect the In-OUT, you need to create some edit points to mark the duration.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00176468. (Macintosh) Icelandic characters are not supported when working with the Title Tool. As a workaround, you can use the NewBlue Titler Pro plugin which does support Icelandic characters.


    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00177208. XDCAM Multicam media might appear choppy in the Source/Record monitors when you perform reverse playback with the J key.

    ➤ Bug Number: .You cannot export an XDCAM clip or sequence that is less than 2 seconds long.

    User Interface:

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00162819. You cannot copy and paste timecode values into the Source or Record monitors. To enter timecode in the monitors, select the monitor and then type in the appropriate timecode values.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164678. You can drag audio keyframes past adjacent audio keyframes. Moving an audio keyframe past another keyframe causes the keyframes to swap values. For example, set volume levels on two audio keyframes: Keyframe A for low volume (left keyframe) and Keyframe B for high volume (right keyframe). If you then drag Keyframe A to the right of Keyframe B, Keyframe A now displays the higher volume level.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164995. (Macintosh only) If you load a group clip into the Source monitor while in MultiCamera mode, the monitor displays the clip as if MultiCamera mode is still selected, although the action of loading the group clip actually causes the Avid editing application to enter Source/Record mode. If you play back the clip, you only see the linecut and cannot perform MultiCamera edits.

    Workaround: To turn off the Multicamera mode display, select Special > Multicamera Mode, and make sure MultiCamera Mode is not selected.

    ➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165159. (Macintosh only) If you render a sequence containing a title by selecting Clip > Render In/Out or by right-clicking the sequence and selecting Render In/Out, the progress bar displaying the status of the render operation does not update and the application appears to become unresponsive. However, even though the progress bar does not advance, the rendering operation continues. When it completes, the progress bar closes.

    Avid MC v2019.9 / Mojo DX / Mac Pro 6.1 late 2013 / MacOS 10.12.6 / 64GB Memory / AMD FirePro D500 / 3GHz 8 Core Intel Xeon E5 / LG 34UC98 Ultra Wide Display... [view my complete system specs]
  • Mon, Feb 1 2016 2:38 PM In reply to

    • JKL32
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    8.5... The timeline response is better then previous version of MC on Mac El Capitan! Still Avid 8.4 on a fast Home Configured Windows PC is way snappier. Skimming through the Timeline seams like flying. On Mac still not that fast.

    Color correcting with Curves is still lagging. Also adjusting parameters in the effect mode window is lagging. Why?

    I like the way of adding new tracks to the timeline, and grouping by waveforms and 64 tracks of audio!, and the way you see clips when dragging in timeline. Big Smile


    Avid Media Composer 8.6, BMD UltraStudio Mini Monitor(Desktop Video 10.8), New Mac Pro 8 core, D700, 64g RAM, El Capitan [view my complete system specs]
  • Tue, Feb 2 2016 3:37 AM In reply to

    • Robert B
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    Re: Media Composer v8.5 | NOW AVAILABLE - w/El Capitan Support!

    Hello All,

    I just clean-wiped my late 2013 Imac system (all 63 applications!) and installed El Capitan alongside Media Composer 8.5, Boris CC 10, Desktop Video 10.5.4, Magic Bullet Looks 3.1, EuControl 3.3.2 (Artist Color), and Baselight for Avid 4.4.7725.

    Magic Bullet Looks 3.1 (latest version) hangs Avid on "Initializing AVX2 Host" - pulling it out of the plugins folder allows Avid to boot.

    Baselight 4.4.7725 failes to install - this was the latest version on the website. (I'll call tomorrow and see if I can get the "El Capitan" version someone mentioned above as it might still be in Beta)

    I'll report back when I've kicked the tires a bit. 








    OFFICE: 3.5 GHz Core i7 Late 2013 Imac running OSX 10.11 with 32GB RAM. NVIDIA GTX 780M 4096 MB. Avid Media Composer 8.5/ Pro Tools 12.4 MOBILE: 17"... [view my complete system specs]
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