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  • Wed, Oct 28 2015 6:32 PM

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    Trouble importing Avid AMA-linked media into Resolve for Color Conform

    Hi all,

    I am new to DaVinci Resolve, but still believe I am doing everythig correctly. Specifically, I am having trouble importing Avid AMA linked media into Resolve 11 Lite for a color correctionist. Our show was shot on a RED Dragon camera and I have taken these steps:

    1.) AMA linked all RED footage in Avid Media Composer 8.4.

    2.) Transcoded the AMA linked footage to DNXHD 220 for edit.

    3.) Locked the edit with the transcoded MXF footage.

    4.) Relinked our locked sequence to the AMA RED camera footage.

    5.) Exported an .AAF file for Resolve, as normal.

    But I am having trouble importing the footage into Resolve's Media Pool from the .AAF file. Every time I try to import the .AAF, Resolve is not finding the original linked RED footage. Could effects of any kind on my Avid sequence prevent Resolve from seeing the AMA linked footage in the .AAF? Even if I manually point to specific folders for Resolve, it still will not see the AMA stuff.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully, there are some editors out there with 4K color correction experience? (Our final deliverable needs to be in 4K, hence, the need for DaVinci Resolve).

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Trouble importing Avid AMA-linked media into Resolve for Color Conform

    Before you inport the Avid AAF you add the Red media to the media pool in Resolve.

    The red media isn't in the AAF.

    When you import the AAF you will have the option to link it to media it finds in the media pool. That should work.

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    Re: Trouble importing Avid AMA-linked media into Resolve for Color Conform

    Hi Pat,

    It worked. Fantastic. Thank you.

    Although, I am seeing quite a few clips that did not relink (I read this is a problem many times with AMA linked footage). Is there a way to force a link from an unlinked clip my Resolve Edit timeline to a particular clip in the Resolve media pool?

    Also, we are delivering a 4K master but also must deliver an HD master. We were hoping to do one color correction session in Resolve, so the plan was to color correct in 4K, render, and round-trip a .AAF file back to Avid for a quick legalization pass on the HD transcoded footage. However, from what I understand, when rendering in Resolve, it will actually create new media. So our 4K RED material would be rendered, therefore not useful as HD for our final pass. Is there a way to link the same finished 4K color correction timeline to our HD material? In other words, I was hoping that once the 4K color correction was finished, we may be able to dismount the 4K drives, mount the HD (transcoded) drives and point to that footage and have it come online in Resolve. Render. Then output THAT timeline as an .AAF for the HD roundtrip. Thereby saving us a whole extra color correction session.


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    Re: Trouble importing Avid AMA-linked media into Resolve for Color Conform

    A couple of things that might be helpful...

    1.  You don't need to relink back to the AMA RED sources before doing the AAF in Media Composer.  Resolve can use the source name (or reel assignment) to relink to the original RED media when the AAF is imported.  Check the "Link to source camera files" option when importing.

    2.  Relinking usually fails due to the source or reel or whatever designates the original clip name missing.  If the field is populated in the Avid, you might need to fiddle with the Configuration settings in Resolve regarding how a reel or clip name is parsed.  For example, if you've got a spanned clip and you don't tell Resolve to ignore that last digit in the name, things may not work as planned.

    3.  Resolve will export whatever format media from the color correction session.  You can export both DNxHD and DNxHR if you wish.  Since you're using MC 8.4 you can use DNxHR media for both 4K and HD exports from Media Composer.  The AAF from Resolve will link to the media that Resolve creates, just make sure you let Avid index that media before importing the AAF from Resolve.  If you do have to do a relink, it's best to make sure that the new color corrected media is in a separate folder or location in case you need to isolate it from the original DNxHD media that was used in the offline edit.

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