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    best way to take clips from timeline to use in a bin?

    Hey everyone,

    Been working with MC for a few months now but there's still a lot I need to familiarize myself with. My current issue:

    I've captured footage from an old show to reorganize it loosely into reruns. I say loosely because there will be no new graphics, no new VO, and barely any order to it whatsoever (no money in the production budget). I've already captured a decent ammount of footage to work with, and I'm now assembling the segments into episodes that'll serve as reruns. As I do so, I'll be reusing some of the old bumpers from the same captured material as transitions and cuts to commercial breaks. I'd like to know more about the best way to throw the bumpers onto the sequences(I'm making one episode per sequence). What's the best way to extract a clip from the timeline (specifically: two or more tracks of audio and video with the effects and transitions I've applied) so that I can easily keep it in my bin and drag and drop it onto my timeline whenever I need to reuse it for the rest of the episodes I'll be putting out? I'm aware that you can mixdown audio and video directly into a bin, which seems the most convenient; but as far as I can tell you can only do those separately. I've also looked at the export options (which I'd then have to re-import into a bin to use) but it seems there's a bunch of export settings there I know nothing about, and it'll be helpful if someone could give me a hint as to which export setting would work best for my current situation. What about making subclips? Can I just load my sequence into the timeline, mark the in and out around the bumper I want, load the sequence into the preview monitor and make a subclip? Do I have to transcode it before doing so?

    PS: I had a hardware-compatibility issue with MC during the capture process, so the captured footage I'm using in my sequences are AMA linked into my bins and sequences. Including the bumpers I want to use as clips. I understand that'll be relevant for an export solution, since some(if not all?) export settings require prior transcoding to work. I'd prefer not to, since I've set time apart for all my tanscoding during a later stage in the project, but if it will also present me with an easier and more convenient clip I can apply to all my timelines, I'm all over it.


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    Re: best way to take clips from timeline to use in a bin?

    Remember, you can drag a sequence into the source window - then edit it into your timeline like any other clip.

    Make the bumper into a sequence, and then keep that sequence in your bin.

    If you want to select something that you already HAVE in a sequence, then mark IN and OUT around it, and hit (Cmd+C if Mac... maybe ALT+C or CTL+C? on Wndows, not sure which it is - or which system type you have) - and that will load your selection as a "Sub-sequence" in the source window.  Drag from the Source window into your bin, and you now have a sub-sequence of your bumper ready, whenever you need it.

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