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  • Fri, May 15 2015 2:34 AM

    A apology To the real pro's

    on this forum plane and simple, like my byo said ! i'm a newby who started this around the time the non-liner editing was starting to realy kickin (I had a true vistion board to capture video and adobe premeier 4.2 ) while, what I did to put food on the table and payed the internet bills (I think this bill (xfinity) is higher than my tv bill (direct tv) was  my main focus, but I keep watching the video chat room and saw all the people talking about Avid,then i'de say how much, And the big red alart sign (what ever the cost was it felt like a million dollars) dam can't do that,got a few more dollars scrwed with premiere a little more. then found Avid free. I couldn't have pressed delete on adobe fast enough. now I'm doing the real stuff now,but no real work just wedding video's, hell avid free was to powerful for that. well more time passed and then some after work classes, I started doing a little more video then I ran into my FC7 bud's and got avid 5.5 student version, more work. But the more time I put into this art the more I say WOW ! watching tv or at a movie,and my FC7 bud's my thought dam I can do that,and then it hit home i some how got a local base play to film and edit. Oh shizzle, I can do that!!!! Now that bring's me to the apology while I'm on the fourm i'm already retired and I didn't take this as serious and the help that you guy's are giveing most of you guy's this is your way of makeing a liveing. And the help is extra for a ________ like me!  As i told marianna i will put on my professional face when I'm on the forum ! and thanx for those who helped me or tryed to !!

    Just one last funny thing , i have a iphone and I use the note pad as spell check for all of the big words, So i didn't want to say $h!t and get in trouble with the mods. i said shizzle in my phone and it said $h!t

    I sometimes have a bubbley personality and theres a place and time for that for me, this is business 

    Thank you again, who have helped me (and Dam did you read all of this shizzle)  


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    "When Everybody goes Right I Go Left" I Move "Just" a little Different

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