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  • Wed, Mar 25 2015 2:50 AM

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    Exporting Multichannel Quicktime

    My finishing workflow requires that I import 5.1 audio mixes, reintegrate them with finished pic files and output a married 10-bit Quicktime with the mix on discreet tracks. In the past I was able to do this from within MC, albeit with a lot of hoop-jumping, but now I find the only way is the old trick of exporting a Quicktime Reference, opening it in Quicktime Player (v7Pro) and exporting a self-contatined QT, changing the audio format from 5.1 to 6 discreet channels in the export process. This kind of kludge makes me nervous, and I'm anxious to pull it back in to MC only. But I don't know where the issue lies:

    My old system was a 2011 Mac Pro tower, OSX 10.8.5, MC 6.5.3 - will export QT w/5.1

    My new system is a 2014 Mac Pro tube, OSX 10.9.4, MC 8.1 - won't export QT w/5.1

    Is this a bug in v8, or yet another new hysterical restriction that Mavericks imposes on the process? Anyone else struggled with this? Any suggestions?

  • Sun, Mar 29 2015 2:03 PM In reply to

    Re: Exporting Multichannel Quicktime

    Since you are working with discrete mono files:  If you export audio with "direct out" selected it will send off discrete channels.  I THNK your panning should stay put ... you'll have to test.  That's not a real 5.1 mix, of course... so let's forget that and start with the blank slate:

    In the AMA linking settings you can specify audio channels 1-6 as a 5.1 mix.  There are two different kinds of track arrangements for a 5.1 mix: film or SMTE standard.  You'll need to know which type you are receiving.  If it's from a pro tools sesstion you likely have the FILM standard.  You can change this setting later anyway so it's not super impotant to get it right the first time.  But anyway, with that settings enabled...


    If you receive 6 discrete audio files, AMA link them simultaniously using the WAV plugin and it will give you only 2 master clips:  one is a 5.1 mix, the other is a stereo mixdown.  You can add the 5.1 version to a real 5.1 track, and the same with the stereo version to a stereo track.  


    Regarding the FILM vs SMPTE 5.1 track assignments:  The easiest way to test that your channel arrangement is correct is by listening to the 5.1 mix:  dialog will always be center panned (even if listening with a regular pair of headphones).  If it is sounding on the left or right channels only, toggle between the audio settings of FILM vs SMPTE in the multichannel audio settings.  Once the dialog is heard in center, you'll know you've set the 5.1 channel arrangement correctly, and you can then consolidate the mixes and be done with it (you can always further change this after consolidating, to be clear).  


    When it comes to exporting your 5.1 tracks, you MUST choose "5.1" in  the export window (under the audio tab).  So, for exmaple, if only your 5.1 track is sitting on the timeline, export a quicktime and under the audio tab choose "5.1" -- it will indeed export a proper 5.1 mix inside your quicktime file.  


    Make sense?

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    Re: Exporting Multichannel Quicktime

    ..Add --

    Option B is to export every channel as a separate WAV file.  

    Send a quicktime reference file to sorenson squeeze.  It has options to choose a 5.1 mix by individually choosnig each track.  Pick the individual WAV files correctly, and your Squeeze exported file will also be proper 5.1 audio.  

    Home: 2012 rMBP 2.6ghz, 16GB RAM, OSX 10.10.5, MC 8.4.1 || Work: HP Z400, Win7 Professional, MC 6.5, ISIS/Interplay @danielfrome on twitter [view my complete system specs]

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