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  • Tue, Jan 13 2015 11:17 PM

    Lost Transcoded Media

    Hey y'all. 


    Currently onlining a few episodes of a show and running into an issue with the "Exception: DOMAIN_COPYIN_FAILED" error on our Mac when transcoding. Got all the way through transcoding new DNx 175 clips to our online ISIS partition, then bombed and threw up that error, so the .Transcoded sequence didn't save. However, all the new uprezzed media exists on the drive - I can bring it back through Media Tool - just don't have a sequence that references it.


    Trying to relink reference clips in the pre-transcode sequence isn't working. Is there any way to re-create that .Transcoded sequence, or get my online media into the original sequence without retranscoding or laying in clip by clip (eeugh)?


    Additionally, that error only seems to come up on this one Mac. We have other Macs and PCs here that haven't had issues with consolidates or transcodes, from some of the same bins, so doesn't seem to be a corrupt bin, as that error usually implies (from what I understand) - but unfortunately that's the only workstation in the office dedicated to this show. So. Any insight would be much appreciated. 

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    Re: Lost Transcoded Media

    Make a copy of your pre transcode sequence. Select all the new transcoded clips in their bin. Right clip the sequence and choose re-link to selected clips.

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