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  • Mon, Nov 24 2014 11:52 PM

    • EoinHarris
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    C300 footage in a Modern Version of Composer

    So I'd just upgraded to Composer 8.2 from Symphony 6.0.5 and went to bring in some Canon C300 footage and had no luck. I reinstalled version 7 and it let me bring the clips into a bin but gave me an error message about having no AMA plug-in when I went to view them/transcode them. From what the install of the AMA plug-in says, it only works with pre 6.5.0 versions of composer/symphony. 


    I installed 6.0.5, the plug-in works, and it can see the clips just fine. So I'm transcoding one card for now, but my questions is;


    1. Really? is there no later version that can see C300 footage?

    2. If I were to transcode these in version 6  and work out of a later version, will it be this a disaster for the online? I was excited to work in version 8 (I'd settle for 7) but I'd like to get with the times and the marker searches.

    The show is a 1 hour documentary that was mostly shot on other cameras that transcode fine, but there are a few days worth of C300. So if we were to transcode the C300 footage to DNX, lets say 36 and work in a later version would this be a nightmare come online time? 

    Another option I can think of is to transcode that small amount of footage to DNX 220 or 180(I don't actually remember the number and I cant check because I'm back in version 6.0 and there is no background rendering) and treat that as the master clips.



    Thoughts and thanks?

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  • Tue, Nov 25 2014 9:11 AM In reply to

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    Re: C300 footage in a Modern Version of Composer

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    Re: C300 footage in a Modern Version of Composer


    We are using MC 8.2 and C300 footage on a daily basis. No problems here.

    Most of the time we do an AMA-link to the footage and then transcode to one of our media drives. (Our C300 cards are stored on a rather slow NAS.) 

    You will need the Canon XF Plugin ver, which is available from Canon:

    When doing an AMA-link, you need to select the folder above the "CONTENTS"-folder. 


    So if you have your C300 footage organized similar to this.:

    Card 1\CONTENTS
    Card 2\CONTENTS
    Card 3\CONTENTS
    Card 4\CONTENTS
    Card 5\CONTENTS


    In the AMA-link window, you should be in the top folder where only the names of the cards are visible:

    Card 1
    Card 2
    Card 3
    Card 4
    Card 5

    ...and just highlight/select the card you want to AMA link. Also, you don´t need to specify which AMA plugin Avid should use, Autodetect works fine. (But either Canon XF or Autodetect needs to be selected).

    Here is a chart listing the AMA-plugins and their latest version number:

    Let me know if you you need more help.



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  • Tue, Nov 25 2014 1:39 PM In reply to

    • EoinHarris
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    Re: C300 footage in a Modern Version of Composer


    Long story, but I tried to install various versions of the plug-in and kept getting messages that said it was incompatible with the version 8 and 7.0.4. the plugins installed and worked on 6.0.5 so I transcoded a few cards there, but reinstalled 8.2 so I could use the render que overnight. This morning its reading the C300 footage and the ama plugins are installed... who knows when it comes to computers. I'm heading into the office and will see what happens on the computer there..

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