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  • Thu, Jun 5 2014 5:22 AM

    7.0.4 audio sync export using quicktime reference issue continued

    I have been reporting an issue Ive been having with sync on "send To" Squeeze ever since I installed 7.0.4 on 10.9.2 and have tested some more after feedback on workflow.

    I created a test sequence with 1 video track and 1 stereo audio track via video and audio mix down which has been my workflow for the last 10 years or so to export from Avid to Sorenson.  In that sequence I put 1 frame of tone to check sync on a round trip. I exported to Sorenson Squeeze in 3 different ways using quicktime reference, compressed them and AMA linked each of the compressions back into the project to compare. As well, i exported a Same as Source self contained  .mov compressed that and AMAed that and an uncompressed version back into avid to compare. Below are the results A1 Stereo original as created in Avid A2/3 "Send to" Squeeze via quicktime reference with the only option Use Avid Codecs CHECKED.  A4/5  "Send to" Squeeze with the same quicktime reference but with Use Avid Codecs UNCHECKED. A6/7  "Send to" Squeeze with Mixdown Audio Tracks was CHECKED this time and Use Avid Codecs UNCHECKED. A8/9  "File Export" of a quicktime movie using Same As Source. Then opened in Squeeze. A10/11 Was a round trip of the Quicktime Same As Source to and from the desktop without any squeeze compression. Compared to the one frame of tone on A1: 1: A2/3 — A2 is 13.5 framed behind A3 is 4.5 frames behind 2: A4/5 — A4 is 12.5 frames behind  A5 is .5 frame ahead 3: A6/7 — In sync with each other, but .5 frame ahead 4: A8/9 — In sync with each other, but .5 frame ahead 5: A10/11 — The only one perfectly in sync with the original. So, as you can see, anything out of Avid via Quicktime reference or Same as Source self contained Quicktime does not maintain sync being compredded in Sorenson Squeeze. I have never noticed anything like this prior to 7.0.4 Is there anyway of posting a screenshot of this to explain?
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