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  • Mon, May 12 2014 10:34 PM

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    Keeping Avid Effects in a 4K Workflow using Resolve

    Hi Everyone,

    i've just shot, edited, and delvered an HD documentary and done the whoel workflow in Avid, Resolve, and Soreson Squeeze.

    My new documentary is going to be shot in 4K Black Magic Pro Res (because I want to a lot of reframing) and is going to be outputed at 2K widescreen resolution, 2048x858.

    For the simple things like reframing, I understand that all I need to do is do the effects in Avid and they will transfer with the AFF file to Resolve together with the original 4K footage by relinking to it.  

    However, there are many effects in Avid that I'd like to take advantage of that require transcoding - such as Fluid Morph, for interviews.  I understand that the convnetional way to do this would be to transcode into a high res file for Resolve, but since I'm working with 4k footage this won't work.  Nor will brining the color timed footage back into Avid to apply the effects because I need to finish in 2048x858 and Avid will only work in 1080p.

    Is there some way of keeping these Avid effects?  Or do they need to be done in an online editor? And if so, which one?

    Thank you!

  • Tue, May 13 2014 11:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Keeping Avid Effects in a 4K Workflow using Resolve

    To be honest for a 2K output I'd finish in Avid at HD. 1920 to 2048 is only 128 pixels less.

    If you do want to retain true 2K then you have to rebuild those effects outside Avid in whatever finishing system you choose. Resolve is ok for soem things but not all so you may have to hand off your Avid guide to scratch, smoke, flame or similar.

    However this can introduce other issues. Like you may need to grade elements before effects are applied.

    You are going to need a carefull post supervision eye on the exact workflow to make that work.

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    Re: Keeping Avid Effects in a 4K Workflow using Resolve

    You can create video mixdowns of all the effects in Avid at the highest possible quality and then not relink those clips in resolve. (Takes a bit of finagling with the settings to get resolve to let you do this, but it'll work eventually). I recall needing to import my aaf twice and on one go around relink and on the other not and it worked out. That was with version 9 and 10 is suppoed to be better. Did this recently for a project we released on youtube in 4k and you can't tell which shots originated as HD and which ones we graded from the 4k files. And since you're only intending to output to 2k anyway, I think you'd be fine.

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    Re: Keeping Avid Effects in a 4K Workflow using Resolve

    Ressurecting this older post (sorry) Just worked on a low budget feature where many of our shots again finished up at 1920x1080 for the same reasons. Yes it "will do" at a push, but really, where's the love Avid?

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