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  • Fri, Apr 18 2014 6:48 PM

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    Errors with Avid, MXO2 Related?

    I've recently setup a new MC system, specs in my profile are updated. I'm getting two errors all the time with this setup, but they don't happen at the exact same time, and they are randomly happening. Normally I would post these as seperate posts, but I feel they might be related.

    1st error is: CORE_AUDIO_STREAM_ID_ERROR
    2nd error is: This application cannot user your attached hardware because it is in use by another application.

    I have 2 devices attached to my system. MXO2 Mini via a thunderbolt adapter and a Lacie thunderbold drive. When I initally installed MC, it gave me an error that there was no core audio device so MC couldn't start. After reading that the new Mac Pro doesn't have a core audio device, I setup the MXO2 Mini and the problem was solved. So I have to assume, when it's giving me a core audio error, it's taking about the MXO2 Mini since the system doesn't have a core audio device as I found out. The second error causes my preview monitor to go black and after a full restart of the entire machine the hardware button on the timeline has the international no symbol over it, telling me it's off. So again, I'm assuming the second error also has to do with the MXO2 Mini.

    I can't imagine what else would be using the hardware as this machine is setup strictly as an edit machine with very little software installed.

    I've also found another post where someone complained of the Core Audio error and suggested the MXO2 was the problem. In that post, the user is running a different version of MC and probably had an older Mac Pro, but I'm thinking this isn't a coincidence.

    I'll be posting this to the Matrox forums too, but I wanted to see if anyone has had these problems and if there is a solution of any kind.

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    Re: Errors with Avid, MXO2 Related?

    Seems like a bleeding edge thing, lots of stuff not yet certified, just to wait for certified updates is my guess.

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