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  • Fri, Feb 21 2014 10:02 PM

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    MC 6.5 issue with AAF export to Pro Tools 10 & 11

    I figured out yesterday after 5 hours of troubleshooting that when I exported an AAF or OMF with cross fades only (no effects) and import it into Pro Tools 10 and 11 that the start timecode of my audio clips in pro tools are based on the length of my cross fade attached to the clip. Is this a bug or on purpose? Hopefully it's not intentional. 

    In pro tools I have the clip original timestamp selected not the user view. The issue is my sound mixer is trying to overcut stems onto the audio mixdown and seeing as the timecode is different on every cut point of the song they all have different starting timecodes. So his math will always be off. This IS definitely the same file and same audio piece. 

    For example if I have a cut point and my cross fade at the head is 2 second 10 frames, that's the exact starting timecode of that clip. Following that using the exact same song file if the fade is 6 frames, that's the start timecode etc etc. I should note, this is in Pro Tools only, I don't see that in MC.

    My workaround for now is removing all crossfades and applying them after the overcutting is done, but this is a huge issue, the timestamp should never be altered.

    I did a test where I imported the same AAF back into MC and it was totally fine, it's only when importing into Pro Tools. Maybe this is the wrong place to post for a forum but it does relate to MC and the finishing process. Any help would be awesome, thank you!

    Also I should note I did try an OMF with a folder link and a AAF embeded, same thing.

    I'm using MC 6.5.4 and Pro Tools 10 and 11

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