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  • Tue, Feb 18 2014 3:48 AM

    Avid MC 7.0.2 Spontaneous Offline Media


    I am currently working on a project using Macs running 10.8.5 and Avid MC 7.0.2. The budget did not allow for the rental of a full Isis-type server (which is likely the culprit here), so there are three rigs running cloned drives and individualized projects per computer. 

    The project was working well up until about three weeks ago. The "from the field" footage consists of Canon C300, 5D and HPX3100 files that have been transcoded to DNxHD 36. Archival formats include .jpeg stills and .mov videos.

    The main issue that we are encountering is that media will seemingly spontaneously go offline with no readily identifiable cause. In some cases, it can be batch imported and on rare occasions the 'relink' feature reconnects the media. However, any transcoded .MXF files cannot be batched so far. Below are the steps taken up to this point in attempt to remedy the situation. 

    - Rebuilt MXF folder databases for all folders multiple times
    - Trashed/Rebuilt mc.state
    - Trashed/Rebuilt user settings/preferences
    - Disconected the not-in-use Mojo DX (since we are running off a local external 12TB G-Speed Q HD)
    - Ensured that MXF folders only have approximately 2,000 files
    - Re-imported most problematic files (mainly archival and music) that directed to a new '1' MXF folder
    - Decomposed and batch imported offline media (worked for a few days but problem returned recently)
    - Recreated the entire project by importing bins etc. 

    I am wondering if there are a combination of software and hardware issues at work here, such as 10.8.5 not interacting with 7.0.2 (or a test on .3) properly and therefore failing to index the MXF files. 

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you. 


    MacPro OS 10.5.8
    2x2.26 GHz Quad Xeon
    10 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 



  • Wed, Feb 19 2014 8:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid MC 7.0.2 Spontaneous Offline Media

    Is the media disapearing from all 3 systems or just one system?

    Are you using one system only to ingest and then copying media in the background?

    Why are you importing rather than AMA linking and Transcoding which is faster?

    The media has been transcoded to DNX36 (in the field I presume) so you are getting Avid media files. They should just be dropped into media folders and as you have the originals sent you should be able to repleace any that go missing assuming you are holding a master set of media as delivered?

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  • Thu, Feb 20 2014 12:19 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid MC 7.0.2 Spontaneous Offline Media

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for your reply. The media goes offline only on one system and it is usually always music and archival material - the transcoded footage from the field relinks regardless of drive (switched them up as a test). I have been running AMA to Transcode for footage and Import for items like music and still images. 

    I do have a master set of the material and any master clips/raw media can be imported and/or AMA'd, however, every time Avid is shut down for the day and rebooted later the same media is again offline - even though it should have created new MXFs during batch import/import (this process has been done multiple times). 

    I am still thinking that it has something to do with hardware/software combination, in particular how the OS is indexing the files via Firewire 800.

    Thanks again for your help, I'll keep working on it!

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