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  • Fri, Sep 27 2013 2:57 PM

    Possible bugs to report: MC v6.5.3 (DPX and CDL values)

    I just wanted to report a couple issues I've had on MC 6.5.3. I don't know if they are present in v7 but they are having an impact on my workflow and we are unlikely to switch to v7 at this point. I'd be grateful if anyone could replicate the bugs.


     System Info:

     Media Composer v6.5.3 

     Mac Pro, 2 x 2.4GHz

     Nitris DX

     Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3



    Bug 1: 'DPX' column data bug. If I make a subclip from a master clip, and then attempt to enter a DPX start value in the subclip's DPX column, Avid automatically recalculates it and refuses to accept or retain the entered number. 


    Avid takes the entered value, applies it to the start of the MASTER clip, not the specified subclip, and then recalculates the subclip's start DPX value (e.g. If my subclip starts a the 10th frame of a master clip but I want to give it the start DPX value of 0001, Avid will forcibly change it to 0011).


    What makes this stranger is that the behaviour is limited to the displayed value in the bin column. The actual, tracked DPX value - when called up on the clip info above the source monitor) is CORRECT, as if the entered value HAD been retained.


    Summary/Net result: With subclips, the DPX start value displayed in bin (and which thus gets exported when doing a data export) is wrong, and there is a disparity between the DPX value displayed in the bin and the DPX value tracked and displayed in the clip info above the source monitor.



     Bug 2: CDL values that appear in the columns [ASC_SAT]  and [ASC_SOP] do not always display in and EDL even if they are present in the bin column and 'Color Decision List' has been selected in EDL manager 'Comments' options. This seems to be limited to when subclips are used in sequences as opposed to master clips.


     I've tried a variety of EDL formats and switching various options on and off but there seems to be no guarantee that data from these bin columns makes it into the EDL. The reason I suspect this is a bug is that I've had EDLs where the Color Decision List data appears for SOME clips but NOT for others within the same sequence, even though all the clips have the same [ASC_SAT]  and [ASC_SOP] data.


     Summary/Net result: [ASC_SAT]  and [ASC_SOP] column data for subclips not reliably displaying in EDLs even when 'Color Decision List' is selected in settings.


    Both of these are hindering my current workflow and if they are present in v7, could be problematic for VFX workflows on projects shooting digitally.

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    Re: Possible bugs to report: MC v6.5.3 (DPX and CDL values)

    thanks Steve

    I'll give it a go tomorrow and if I can reproduce - will escalate.



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  • Mon, Sep 30 2013 7:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Possible bugs to report: MC v6.5.3 (DPX and CDL values)

    Avid Symphony 7.0.2 is not passing CDL metadata to an EDL (or an AAF) using subclips.

    workaround maybe?

    (1) relink the sequence to the master clips


    (2) decomposing the sequence seems to wake this Avid up.


    - scott freeman [view my complete system specs]
  • Tue, Oct 1 2013 10:54 AM In reply to

    Re: Possible bugs to report: MC v6.5.3 (DPX and CDL values)

    Thanks Marianna and Scott!

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