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  • Wed, Aug 21 2013 2:44 PM

    Problems reading ABVB media on recent MCs


    I am trying to access media from a project originally digitized on an ABVB system (Media Composer 7.2) at AVR 3s.

    i have tried the media on two more recent MCs-- MC 3.5.9 and a trial version of MC 7.0.0 (both running on the same CPU using different boot disk, running the last version of Leopard for the MC 3.5.9 and Lion for the MC 7.0.0)

    In both, I get a similar message after Media Composer tries to scan the drives-- "Unable to scan the file '/xxxxxxxx.omf'.  The file does not appear to be an OMF File."  With the option to either Abort, Quarentine, Quarentine All, Ignore, Ignore All.

    On both the systems, the files listed are all on audio files.

    On the 3.5.9 system-- when I hit ignore all, I am able to play back the video but no audio.  On the 7.0.0 sytem, I get "Wrong Format" for the video (project was set up as 30i NTSC) and also no audio.

    I copied the media from the old SCSI drives to a current firewire drive and know the audio files work because I have played them from the desktop in Quicktime Player and they all sound fine and are complete.

    Also, the original files seem to be fine, as i dragged an old ABVB system out of the closet, managed to hook it up, and tested the sequence on an ABVB 7.0.2 system.  That CPU seems to lag a lot and I couldn't get the original 7.2 ABVB system running (if someone remembers how to trouble shoot a Mac 9600, let me know... as one option could be just to cut the thing on that old system...)    But bottom line is that I don't think the media is corrupt.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks!

  • Wed, Aug 21 2013 2:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Problems reading ABVB media on recent MCs

    Have you tried moving all the OMF files out of the media file folder (to a temp folder outside) and leaving just 1 or two omf files to test with.

    Then try renaming the files but leave the .omf on the end. You may have an invalid character in there.

    Avid doesn't care about the media file name as it's the metadata inside the file it uses.

    And yes I've doen more than my share of support on the 9600 crates and even taught the 400 course on them for a while so it should be achievable but I'd stick with trying to get the media across.

    Worst case you could try using the old system to consolidate the audio to a new drive and see if that audio works better.

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  • Wed, Aug 21 2013 3:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Problems reading ABVB media on recent MCs

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the suggestions.  I just tried the first suggestion-- I left the files for two clips (so 6 files total) in the folder and renamed them-- and, sorry to report, no luck.  Got the same error message about not appearing to be an OMF File.

    I think I might hold off on the "consolidate audio from the old system" suggestion for a bit, and see if other ideas come up in here first just as it will require a bit more drive management (the SCSI drives I have are pretty full so probably couldn't fit the consolidated audio onto them without deleting the original media that might be good to keep) and also the original ABVB media is over 200 hours of footage (don't need access to it all at this point, so conceibable to consolidate some, but would be great just to get the media across).

    Thanks again, really appreciated!

  • Wed, Aug 21 2013 4:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Problems reading ABVB media on recent MCs

    If the audio was SD2 (Sound Designer 2) instead of AIFF-C or WAV, I think you are out of luck.  SD2 was dropped eons ago.

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