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  • Mon, May 13 2013 9:23 PM

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    Transferring Premiere Project to Avid



    I have been trying to research and figure out how to transfer my Premiere (CS6) project to Avid.  I am currently only using the Avid MC trial version, as I am just going to set this project up and hand it off to another editor.  

    From what I have gathered, I have exported a .aaf from Premiere and imported that aaf into Avid.  Then, (and hopefully this isnt true) is the only way to go about getting the project up and running to Batch Import all of the files?  I am working on a feature and that will take forever and use a ton of space.  I know that the MXF data has to be there, but seriously do I need to transcode everything over again?  I tried creating mxf files in Devinci Resolve and dragged them into the MXF>1 folder, but somehow that isnt a "compatible mxf" file.


    I am so frustrated, if anyone can please just show me how to transfer the PP project over.


    Thank you.


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    Re: Transferring Premiere Project to Avid [view my complete system specs]
  • Tue, May 14 2013 10:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Transferring Premiere Project to Avid

    Resolve can make compatible Avid MXF media. It's an established roundtrip workflow currently.

    But not sure hwo that will help getting from CS6.

    We've never had much luck with the media moving across. CS6 seems to do something odd with the clip names thta AVid then can't understand.

    Also importing of media is slow and wasteful and many now use AMA.


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  • Sun, May 19 2013 2:57 PM In reply to

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    Re: Transferring Premiere Project to Avid

    Here is THE answer.  


    While Premiere CS6's documentation claims an easy AAF workflow, the fact is that Premiere's AAF does not work properly (something I've been told is being addressed in Premiere CC).  Even if you are to take the AAF into a program like Davinci Resolve, the AAF doesn't seem to list where the files are actually located and Resolve get's stuck in translation, giving you clips that are offline and un-relinkable.  

    AVID CAN read the AAF and will show you your Premiere sequence, but AVD 6.5 won't let you relink the resulting clips to media on your hard drive.  I spent 3 hours on tech support with AVID about this and even they were stumped.  It's maddening, but something I've been told is going to be fixed in MC7.

    After stuggling with this problem on a project, here's the workaround we found THAT DOES ACTUALLY WORK.  It's incredibly time-consuming, but does work and a majority of the work can easily be done by an assistant or intern in your shop.  The missing piece of the puzzle is a copy of FCP7 with Automatic Duck installed.

    1) From Premiere CS6, Export an FCP7 XML.  This you can do 1 time and it will take into account your WHOLE project.

    2) Import that XML into FCP7.  Once you verify all the media is there and in place (should be able to do this quickly, i.e. less than 5 minutes), you will need to export EACH SEQUENCE ONE-AT-A-TIME through Automatic Duck as an AAF.  

    Follow the Automatic Duck instructions found here:

    This is where the big time-suck comes into play.  But again, it's not very brain intensive, so as long as you've got a detail-oriented person in your shop, you can just put them on it for a while to translate the project (In the case of a movie, 3 days of translation were necessary).

    3) Import each resulting Automatic Duck AAF into Media Composer and you're done.

    This workflow works.  It's a pain, but not as bad as re-building a project from scratch inside of AVID.  Just budget in the appropriate time for the conversion out of FCP and you'll be good.


    Good luck!



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