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  • Mon, Mar 4 2013 6:19 PM

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    Running Avid in Windows on Mac

    Long story short I have my dongle for my Windows HP Z400 workstation at work and I just purchased a new iMac for myself. I'd like to use my work dongle at home. How do I get the Avid Media Composer software onto my iMac and do I need to run it in a Windows environment for the dongle to work?

    What I'm trying to get at is, is the dongle license Windows or Mac based? Or can it be used cross-operating system?

    Also, if I do have to run Windows on my iMac what software would you recommend? Any SOPs out there on how to do this?

    One more thing, what software do you recommend to view NTFS formatted drives on a Mac? I believe I'm going to have to be able to do this in order to transfer my media between work and home easily. Would ExFAT formatting work as well?

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    Re: Running Avid in Windows on Mac

    Dongles are cross platform.

    Just install thr trial version on your Mac. Then plug the dongle in and chose to use that when you launch media composer.

    Drives are an issue and ExFAT is one solution but it isn't as a robust file format (no reducndent FAT) and soem report issues with consolidating to ExFAT drives.

    You can get conversion programs for both Mac and PC but I'd suggest they only be used to copy media not edit via. Flakey results otherwise.

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    Re: Running Avid in Windows on Mac

    Hi, the dongle is platform agnostic. Just download the Avid software for which the dongle is blessed and launch the application.

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    Re: Running Avid in Windows on Mac

    The dongle is platform-agnostic.  It works on either/both (yay dongles).  Download the correct version for your iMac, plug in the dongle and you're good-to-go.

    Vieweing and "reading" an NTFS disk on the Mac is built in to OSX.  To "write to the NTFS disk from the Mac will require Paragon/NTFS.  It is not fast enough for editing, so it should be used to xfer files between systems, where the media drives on each system are formatted natively for that system.  ExFat has other issues that complicate matters.

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