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  • Tue, Dec 4 2012 8:00 PM

    Consolidate: Does NOT consolidate all clips..!?!

    Hi All,

    I'm at work with a few projects, trying to consolidate the timelines onto new HD's.

    1: Trying to consolidate the complete timeline (some 28 min.) 99% sure gives a "Error: Reached end of file <filename>."
    Yes, for some strange reason, AVID does not know what file it's supposed to be working on... :-/

    2: Consolidating parts of the timeline, starts to work, maybe we find an error, and move along, with a complete consolidate during the last run....


    When we then move that disk + the consolidated Full timeline to another Avid, 1/4 of the clips are... yes.. OFFLINE!!

    How in the world, can it state that it has consolidated ALL files, and then it haven't???

    MC 5.5

     Jakob Peterhänsel
     Freelance Consultant

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  • Tue, Dec 4 2012 9:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Consolidate: Does NOT consolidate all clips..!?!

    To be exact:It's MC 5.5.3 (on a MacOS X 10.6.8)

    Steps to repro:


    1. Connect all HD's with content from sequence.
    2. Open sequence and check it's ok, plays, no offline media.
    3. Consolidate to empty drive: Error...
    4. Duplicate main sequence, place playhead at 1 min or so, use Select right to select all tracks from playhead to end of timeline. Cmd-X to delete selection.
    5. Consolidate new, short version og sequence with option Relink media if on drive selected. MC will now copy all clips used to drive.
    6. If all goes OK, repeat steps 4-5 but advance playhed another minut or so in next sequence duplicated.


    When moving this drive to another Avid, about 1/4 of the clips are offline... 



    I've now tried to do like this:


    1. Move Sequence to an empty Bin.
    2. Via Bin View Options, show assosiated clips
    3. Select all those clips, and Consolidate those to the empty drive.
    That also, gives the error "End of file reached on <filename>." Hmm.. 


     Jakob Peterhänsel
     Freelance Consultant

  • Sun, Dec 9 2012 2:32 AM In reply to

    • jwrl
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    Re: Consolidate: Does NOT consolidate all clips..!?!

    Jakob, this sounds like you have one or more corrupt media files in your timeline.  Have you tried a "divide and conquer" to isolate any bad media?

    Try this: copy your sequence and cut it into two halves.  Try consolidating one.  If it fails, cut that in half and repeat until you have tracked the culprit down.

    By the way, to consolidate a sequence you only need to have the sequence itself in the bin.  The consolidate process will find any media necessary without it being in the current or any other open bin.

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  • Sun, Dec 9 2012 10:44 PM In reply to

    Re: Consolidate: Does NOT consolidate all clips..!?!

    Sorry, really?

    How can a corrupt file have anything to do with this error?

    The consolidate runs fine, but when we move the consolidated disk & project to another computer, some of the files are offline!

    How can anyone trust a consolidate that runs 100%, ends with OK, and then have 1/3 media offline when you move to another system.. ?!?

    BTW, we do use your trick, but in another way.. since Avid is so stupid, it just throws an error and don't tell what files is at error.. Thank you!! (Avid).


     Jakob Peterhänsel
     Freelance Consultant

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