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    Uprezzing to DVX 145 from DV25 tomorrow morning!

    I have to uprez 59.94 HDCAM footage from DV25 (how it was captured; SD) to DVX 145 (highest quality; HD). Seeing as this is my first time doing ANY sort of uprez, could you please give me step by step process of how i go about this?...if it makes a difference, I'm using Avid MC 6 with Interplay on Mac. Thank you so much and I appreciate the help!!

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    Re: Uprezzing to DVX 145 from DV25 tomorrow morning!

    When you say "uprez" do you mean you have access to the original HDCAM footage, and you need to replace the DV25 material that's currently in the sequence with the HDCAM stuff?  Or do you mean something else?

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    Re: Uprezzing to DVX 145 from DV25 tomorrow morning!

    Flip your project to an HD format. Attach the deck. Open the Capture tool and make sure you can control it and make sure its outputs are routed to the right inputs etc.

    Then duplicate your sequence. Delete the audio tracks on that copy. Choose Clip-Decompose, select handles of at least 10 frames or so (but no need to go over 100). This will generate a list of clips that are used in your sequence (with said handles). Select these clips and drag them into their own bin. Sort them by tape name. Select them, then choose Clip->Batch Capture. The Capture tool will launch and ask you to load a certain tape. Stick it in. MC will cue the deck and capture every clip one by one.

    Get the sound tracks from your offline and add them to the uprezzed V-only sequence.

    After you're done, manually compare your new uprezzed version to your offline version, shot by shot, to make sure each and every shot is correct and in sync (quite often you will find a percentage of the clips are off by up to several frames due to timecode issues caused by the combination of 1/2 inch Sony camcorders and digital NLE's).


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