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  • Wed, Aug 1 2012 2:17 PM

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    Adjusting Audio

    I am wondering if there is way to set peak dB level in a timeline?  I am editing a doc and I have different narrations that are all at different levels. Is it possible to put all these narration audio clips into a timeline, and be able to adjust the levels to all hit the same peak level without having to adjust each sound clip or segment indiviually? 

    For example

    Jill's Narration is -3dB
    Jacks  "    " : 5dB 

    and I want them both to be outputing at 6dB


  • Wed, Aug 1 2012 2:22 PM In reply to

    Re: Adjusting Audio

    You can open each of those narrations in the source monitor, then adjust the levels, then splice them in.

    Or you can place both narrations on different tracks, adjust one clip, then choose to Set Clip Gain Globally.

    The Normalize AudioSuite effect, applied to each individual

    Clip, would bring the peak level to the desired maximum. But: just matching the peak levels won't make the narrations sound equally loud. Peaks are just that: peaks. Perceived loudness has to do with many different aspects of the sound.

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    Re: Adjusting Audio

    You could place a dynamics plug-in on the track (RTAS.) This may also alter the character of the program material somewhat, but it could save you a lot of time. A limiter allows you to set a maximum threshhold level ('brick-wall') and when you apply gain to the program material everything will be apparently louder without exceeding the threshold. A compressor will be more forgiving, and may allow the program material to peak over the threshold, but will attenuate the signal by a prescribed ratio (for example, a 1:2 ratio will allow 1DB of output for every 2DB of input) allowing for a more natural dynamic range.

    Keep in mind that excessive use of dynamics processing could result in a 'squashed' sound, and also location and environmental background sounds (the noise floor) could be artificially increased in level and you may perceive a sort of 'pumping' effect in the audio. There are a lot of third-party dynamics effects that you may want to investigate that may help you to automate your workflow with more desireable results, if you are going to be performing a lot of this kind of work.  

    This is Avid's Dynamics Suite:

    Really though- if you have any control over the recording proces of these narrations, you should ask the engineer to conform all of the recordings so that you are getting audio that is of a consitient level- although I know this isn't always possible.

    Also 6DB of audio level is really hot IMO- My first instinct is to always attenuate the louder signal to conform with the quieter signal, but I have no idea what the requirements of your delivery are...

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