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  • Wed, Dec 9 2015 9:24 AM In reply to

    • Marty
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    Re: tearing fix - moncon off

    I think I had to use "moncon off" since Media Composer 6 to work in software only mode with fullscreen playback on various Macs (MBPro Retina / iMac / MacPro) with various setups (without I/O, Aja, Blackmagic).

    There are still lots of editors who don't know the command and live with tearing effects and low contrast image.

    But with Media Compser 8 until 8.4.3 I can't even use moncon off, because then I can't reverse playback, the system crashes a lot, I don't see a picture with a reduced composer window, target mask don't work.

    And without moncon off the fullscreenplayback ignores "expand luminance for computer displays". 

    I mostly use software only mode, when I have to do the selction with Blackmagic hardware because it's soo slow.






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    Re: tearing fix - moncon off

    when using "moncon off" the system (8.6.x) crashes immediately. are there any workarounds yet?

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  • Thu, Oct 6 2016 2:09 PM In reply to

    • mtahir
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    Re: tearing fix - moncon off

    I've had tearing on my machine in general for as far back as I can remember, whether it's playing videos on the desktop or watching them through browsers. I started to investigate it because of a different, perhaps related problem, I'm having with MC8.6.3 (You might want to have a look at this: Tearing happen to come up in my search for a solution. And this is what I found...

    Someone mentioned that you need to have the 'Aero' themes enabled in Windows (not sure if this applies to Windows 8/10) in order to fix tearing. I know - it sounds odd. I gave it a shot and it worked! This is echoed in the following Avid document: I used this to test it: I'm using MC8.6.3 but I haven't tested it in Avid.

    For those interested in more details, you might want to take a look at this: I spoke to Jerry Jongerius who wrote it and he said the following when I asked about why enabling 'Aero' worked: "What you describe appears normal. On Windows 7, you need to use an 'Aero' theme in order for the Windows to composite at the OS level. Then, it is up to applications to synchronize to the vsync signal, which some applications do better than others."

    You might see some stuttering of the background image on Jerry's site. That's caused by having Aero on i.e. through this Windows service: 'Desktop Window Manager Session Manager'. If I switch this off, that background image moved smoothly but it tears badly. It's switching on this service that allows the 'Enable desktop composition' ('System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Options') setting to appear which is needed for 'Aero' to work. I read on a gaming site that it might be wise to disable 'Enable transparent glass' to reduce "lag/stutter". I don't need the transparent glass effect, so I disabled it.

    If you don't get tearing outside of MC when you're playing videos but you do with MC, then that seems to be pointing to MC and the above may not help. However, if you are getting tearing in general, then it's worth checking out the above.

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