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  • Mon, Mar 19 2012 10:16 PM

    Old AVID Xpress Pro system, need help setting up.


    I've recently pulled an old AVID system out of storage in my office and it was put up to me to see if we could set it up and use it, or if parts were missing. Thing is, I have never set up let alone touched an AVID system before. I have been scouring the internet since to try and find a setup guide, and i have found several, but none really relate to the system that we have.

    If anyone could help I would truely be very grateful, even if it is saying that I'm missing a vital portion of my system or if it's not compatable with today's new technology. If I can set it up a little direction would be so appreciated.

    It may just be that I'm not seeing parts in the setup directions I did find on the internet. I guess my biggest catch is that my shuttle tower connects to my QuietDirve, but i can't find anywhere where the QuietDrive or the Shuttle Tower is supposed to connect to the CPU. Is there supposed to be a converter, and if so, is it from the QuietDrive or the Shuttle Tower?

    Also, I set it up as best I could a while ago, but when I booted up the CPU (without being connected to the Shuttle Tower) it said that there was a problem with the BIOS and that it paused the stopped the start-up sequence. Now, I know that is usually a fatal error, but could it be just becuase it was not connected to the Shuttle Tower?

    Finally, should I even bother since it's a window's 2000 system? We are now currently off of tape and shooting on P2 cards and Sony cards, and most of it is in HD. Would this system even be able to handle it?

    Sooooo, this is what I have as far as hardware as my disposal (and I think I have most of the cords for each):

    AVID MOJO SDI Model: 0020-03250-XX - I have two of these

    AVID Ultra320/LVD 7th Generation 10K (rS146/320 MediaDrive LVD) model: Quietdrive - also have two of these

    AVID MediaDock i573/160 LVD Shuttle Tower

    2000 Windows Professional CPU B23-02438 (I didn't see it's model #, but on the front it says Ocean Systems)


    We also have all the software, I believe, but I want to make sure the hardware actually works first.

    Thank you so much for your time!

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    Re: Old AVID Xpress Pro system, need help setting up.

    For those LVD towers, you needed either an ATTO ULD 3D or ULD4D inside your CPU.

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    Re: Old AVID Xpress Pro system, need help setting up.

    They had this system up and running before, so I believe the CPU has the specs. that it needs. Or is that for it to be able to read just straight HD digital format?

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