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  • Wed, Mar 7 2012 11:48 PM

    • BrettG
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    Questions about ProRes workflow on MC6

    Hello everyone,

    I am an assistant editor and have been tasked with researching a ProRes workflow for Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6.

    From my research on this forum, it seems clear that MC6 will support a ProRes file and will not transcode it or convert it, but will only re-wrap the file into an .mxf file, resulting in a seamless match to the original ProRes file. 


    Will I then be able to export back out to ProRes without a problem for our client who is using Final Cut Pro?

    - also -

    Can the ProRes file be linked in some way, in field, to the DNx file on tape (we are shooting on tape and on a PIX-240 camera), with linked time-code? 

    How does ProRes work with Avid's AMA?

    Must I import the ProRes file (and create another master file?) or can I keep the ProRes files on another external drive, and work with them via AMA, thereby saving some drive space?

    Thanks everyone for any help! This is a great group!

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  • Thu, Mar 8 2012 3:26 AM In reply to

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    Re: Questions about ProRes workflow on MC6

    Hi Brett,

    I haven't really worked much with ProRes in MC6 but I'll offer what I can...

    Yes, ProRes can be used with AMA. In my experience it's pretty efficent (unlike, say, H264). Once it's linked you can assign useful tracking metadata like Tape label which will help relink to DNxHD media of the same footage (assuming you have matching timecode etc).

    I mainly use Windows-based systems currently, so I can't comment on the ability to output ProRes (not possible in Windows) but I believe there are a couple of options.

    Broadly speaking, in Avid's systems, if you have matching timecode and tape/reel number you can pretty easily relink sequences and things.

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  • Thu, Mar 8 2012 7:52 AM In reply to

    Re: Questions about ProRes workflow on MC6

    Will I then be able to export back out to ProRes without a problem for our client who is using Final Cut Pro?
    Not if you use AMA, but Yes if you import, because you need to do a Same-As-Source export to get properly color leveled ProRes. If you export using the Quicktime module (and the Quicktime ProRes codec) there will be gamma shifts.

    If you're working in DNx, why go ProRes?

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