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  • Tue, Sep 27 2011 4:59 AM

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    Multigroup Error: AUTO_COMP_NO_SYNC

    I'm attempting to group a series of four-hour long, two-camera interviews. The shoot was done with the AF100 camera with an AJA KiPro. For each interview, the footage I'm getting comes in pairs of two ProResHQ Quicktimes. The first, ACam, has the production audio (from a lav) married to the video. The second clip, BCam, has audio too, but it's just camera audio.

    I got the footage into Avid by linking to AMA and transcoding to DNx36 for offline editing. 

    The problem is that the production audio from the ACam quicktimes is out of sync the ACam video. When the lav went through the KiPro on set, it lagging by several frames. There's no drift, sound is off by a consistent 3 frames.

    The workflow I've been using is to copy each out-of-sync ACam clip into it's own sequence, slip the audio 3 frames so it's in-sync, and Autosync the sequence to make an in-sync subclip.

    I then use these in-sync Acam subclips and the Bcam master clips (which have no sync issue as it's camera audio) to make my multigroup. I go through the steps of Stacking, adding Aux TC (to bin column Auxiliary TC 1), Subclipping. And when I get to the step of actually making the Multigroup, I get an error...

    Exception: AUTO_COMP_NO_SYNC

    If I do the multigroup without first AutoSync'ing, I'm able to make the Multigroup with no error message, but then the good Acam audio is out of sync with the picture and Bcam audio.

    I've tried adding the Aux TC from the AutoSync subclips to the out-of-sync Acam Master Clips, but that doesn't help either.

    Any ideas for a different workflow or how to fix what ever is wrong to bypass the message would be a huge help.





    Avid Media Composer 5.5.2

    Mac Pro 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    Mac OS 10.6.7

  • Thu, Feb 21 2013 9:33 PM In reply to

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    Re: Multigroup Error: AUTO_COMP_NO_SYNC

    Because I hate seeing threads like these without answers, here's what I found as a workaround to this problem:

    AUTO_COMP_NO_SYNC error when grouping GOPRO cameras

    Thanks to Google, this discussion helped me figure this out:

    I unlinked the original GoPro clips in the all clips bin, right click modify>set tracks>deselected A1 and A2 (only V1 is checked), then relinked the clip to the offline video.   Then I resubclipped (now only subclipping video only) the go pro in the add edit timeline, deleted the old subclips that contained audio and video (V1, A1, A2), then it grouped the Go Pro okay.

    I know that before we were able to group gopro clips with audio attached to the video in their subclips but for reasons unknown this f******g camera made clips that weren't group friendly in this instance.


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