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  • Sun, Sep 25 2011 8:48 PM

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    Premiere AAF Quicktime TC problem.

    I got an offline AAF file from Adobe Premiere (from the director with a 1/3 of the movie, 30 min, about 400 cuts). The film was shot on Canon 5D, so the sequence consists mostly of Quicktime movies (camera original h264-s). Unfortunately it seems that Premiere starts the timecode for each file from zero (00:00:00:00 - ….)

    On the editing system (MC 5.0.3) all the Quicktime files were AMA linked and then transcoded to Avid DNXHD 185 (2/3 of the movie is cut and online). Avid seems to use the camera clock/file creation time for the Quicktime timecode, so files do not start from zero (13:22:14:00 - ...)

    Is there a possibility/ workaround to Relink the offline AAF file to the Avid media? 

    I have tried probably every option in the Relink media section. Including Decomposing and trying to relink the offline masterclips. (Only way wast to manually change the starting timecode of the offline masterclips to the corresponding Avid media files and then relink.) Maybe I'm missing something.  

    The other option is to take the cut-in point TC (00:00:12:09) and add it to then online media from the start (+ 00:00:12:09) and then overwrite the original offline AAF in the timeline.

    Is there any ideas how workaround it without tedious time-consuming manual labour (and as always we are on a deadline) ?

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    Re: Premiere AAF Quicktime TC problem.

    Effectively you need the files with 00:00:00:00 timecode... What about if you consolidate the source files onto another drive (without deleting the originals) them modify the start timecode of the new consolidated clips?

    Another option, possibly, is to decompose the offline clips and the batch import them, but I don't know how it will deal with the timecodes in that scenario.

    From a programatic perspective, if you have anyone who can write software in any useful langage, you could create a script that takes an ALE export of your media bin, and an EDL of the offline sequence - then modify the timecodes in the EDL to conform to the timecodes of the clips in Avid (basically adding the start timecode offset for each source file). It's fairly straight forward, but requires suitable programming skill to make the script, and the ability to do timecode maths :)

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    Re: Premiere AAF Quicktime TC problem.

    If I understand the problem correctly, Premiere is giving you the duration from the beginning of the clip as the starting timecode.  If that's the case, you can make a copy of the original media and use QTChange to modify each clip to start at 00:00:00:00, then import those clips into the Avid using Batch Import.  As long as the names are the same and the files are in the same directory they should all batch import easily.  If the clips are the same length as they were when imported into Premier then it should work.  If the clip length changes, all bets are off.

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