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  • Thu, Sep 22 2011 6:51 AM

    MulitGroups made out of sync so the group will be sync???



    I am working on Avid on Mac.  We are shooting cameras that are shooting 23.98 in XDcam (tapeless media).


    I brought in the clips via AMA and then transcoded to 8:1m.  

    The audio is recorded at 23.98fps at 48K, PCM, 24 bit, little endian, 8 channels.


    I have imported the audio at 23.98fps.  The problem is when I group.  I sync everything up on the timeline, and everything plays in sync and the waveform shows the same.  I group it via aux TC and then all the sudden I have an echo.  Upon further review of the multigroup the waveforms are now off in sections where they were synced perfectly on the day stack. So now I have to go back to my original day stack timeline, shift it X amount of frames it was off in the group, and then regroup it.  Magically it is now in sync.  I have to make my day stack timeline OUT of sync to make the group IN sync (within each and every single group that is within the multigroup).  So one group in the middle is on, while the one next to it is off by 2 frames to the right, and then the next is 3 frames to the left.  There is no pattern.


    I have double checked all my AUX TCs and they all match.  Even when I take it to a smaller scale of 1 track of audio syncing to backup audio it still does the same thing.  


    I have no idea what to do here.  I'm no newby to grouping, I've dealt with 22 tracks of audio on 8 camera shoots so I know how to trouble shoot pretty well.  This is bizarre.  Anyone else ever experienced this effect or have any solutions?  Hope that all makes sense, it's kind of difficult to describe.  Thanks



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