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The Pro Connection - Filmmaker Kevin Smith Answers Student Questions


Filmmaker and nascent media mogul Kevin Smith has opinions. Yes he does. And more than just opinions, he has answers. Now that sounds bold, ostentatious even. But it's true. With a track record that includes some of the most beloved films in the indie-cinema canon, Kevin Smith has forged his own path his entire career. He's struggled against the forces of self-doubt, championed his audiences, and seen more sides of the film industry than many of us would ever hope to. And it has made him stronger. And wiser. And it has given him insight. And dare I say actual answers to some of the most pressing questions on the minds of young filmmakers just beginning their own careers. 


In a series of Q&A talks, Kevin Smith tackles questions from film students about editing, writing, distribution and a myriad of other topics and answers them with his trademark brand of wit, wisdom, honesty, and (be forewarned) seriously coarse language. But the words ring true. 


Check out Episode #2: Editing Philosophy and let us know what you think in the comment section. Be sure to check out the other episodes in the playlist while you're there. 


In Kevin's own words, "Making movies is easy. Pull-up's are hard!"




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